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Press Release   •   Jan 17, 2017 12:15 GMT

Gamification company Sparta announced today its launch into the Finnish market as its looks to replicate its success beyond Sweden. The software company has already over 2000 Finnish employees using the platform and deals with among others, the media giant Viasat in Finland.

Sparta helps sales organizations drive revenue growth and build stronger sales culture via a powerful gamification solution. Enterprises use the solution to achieve two things, firstly to drive focus on the behaviours that lead to success and secondly to build stronger sales culture, focused on recognition, feedback, fun and transparency.

Since launching in Sweden 2014, the software business has signed up over 150 enterprises including Schibsted, Hyundai, Coca Cola, K-rauta and Telia. After 3 consecutive years of 100% year-on-year revenue growth, the company have decided to expand into Finland, based on strong customer demand.

The Sparta launch in Finland have so far been a success, last week Viasat signed an exclusive performance enterprise agreement with Sparta for all of their sales people and their partners. 

“It’s important for us to always develop our work culture, achieve good results and at the same time keep the customer satisfaction high. We see that Sparta is a good fit for us to work to achieve these goals ” comments Mika Nurminen, COO & Head of Sales, Viasat Finland.

Simon Skoog, who has been with Sparta for over 12 months in a sales role, is stepping up into the role of Country Sales Manager for the Finnish market and will split his time between Helsinki and Stockholm.

James Pember, CEO at Sparta comments: “For us, expanding into Finland is a real no-brainer. We have incredible demand for our product already, as evidenced by some significant contracts with big enterprises already, in addition to a feeling that the business culture is a real match for what our solution delivers. ”

Here are some ways that the Sparta tool can impact businesses:

  • Provides employee engagement, motivation, energy, recognition and reward - “50% fewer sales reps are motivated by money, compared to just 5 years ago” (Incentive Research Foundation)
  • Increases activities towards core business objectives resulting in an increase on overall individual and business performance - “most teams have an average of 60% of mid level inconsistent performers.”
  • Provides real time and transparent measurements of the company's and individual's performance across departments, teams and employees through computers, mobile phones and TV screens - “as an employee, you win through your activities; as a manager you win with through the activities of your people.”
  • Presents ways to make home and internationally based employees feel less isolated, more included and part of the team, company goals and culture - "The sense of belonging is very challenging for virtual workers, who seem to be all alone out in cyberland." (Kaplan University)
  • Enhances a healthy, competitive, collaborative and fun working environment to help attract and retain the best talents - “78% percent of business leaders rank employee retention as important or urgent.” (TLNT - Talent Management and HR)
  • Saves time that can now be focussed on business critical activities. No more need to use whiteboards, excel and email to run and report on internal competitions - “corporate managers are wasting 36 per cent of time on needless administrative tasks” (cloud company, ServiceNow)
  • Assists business leaders with performance management, coaching and career progression of their employees - “CFOs spend at least 40% of their time on business performance management, but they estimate that 30% of their company’s performance potential is lost due to ineffective performance management processes and behaviours.” (Talent Management 360)
  • Help to increase better use by employees of internal workflow and CRM systems. Includes the opportunity to integrate with Salesforce and your own business systems through Sparta’s API - “Automate [as much] CRM activity because you're never going to change behaviour.” (James Kaikis, Manager of Sales Engineering)

Watch our video on how Sparta can increase the performance of your sales team.

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17th of January 2017

Sparta is an enterprise gamification technology company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The company helps organizations drive revenue growth and build stronger culture via a powerful gamification solution that taps into what really motivates sales people and helps facilitate coaching, competitions, goal-setting and other  management initiatives.