Sweden-Brazil 2015 Official Launch

Press Release   •   Sep 10, 2014 00:00 GMT

For the third year in a row, Brazilian students are invited to compete for opportunities in Sweden as they take on Sweden-Brazil The Innovation Challenge 2015. Student Competitions and competition co-organizers SAAB and Chalmers are once again joining forces to continue to strengthen the long-standing ties that exist between Sweden and Brazil as partners in the industrial, governmental and academic field.

Similar to previous editions of the competition, Brazilian engineering students will be introduced to Sweden and its role as a global leader in innovation and technology as they answer multiple-choice questions. This year’s theme “Smart Transportation” will play an important role as participants will not only try their luck at questions pertaining to this topic but also develop an essay on how urban areas can utilize eco-friendly transportation solutions.

This year’s competition will award the top competition performer with an innovation excursion to Sweden in spring 2015 to visit Chalmers University of Technology, SAAB’s headquarters and explore the sights and attractions of Sweden. As a world-renowned research center and provider of education in engineering and technology, Chalmers University in Gothenburg provides the perfect partner for such a competition. SAAB, likewise, for its role as a leading innovation powerhouse in security and technology lends its name and expertise to attract competition competitors. 

In addition to the all-expense paid innovation excursion, the winner, along with the second and third place finishers will be invited to the prize ceremony on November 11 during Swedish-Brazilian Research and Innovation Centre’s (CISB) Annual Meeting in Sao Paulo. All winners will be invited to this high profile event and have all domestic travel expenses and accommodation provided by the competition organizers. 

The competition will run until October 14th and will attract some of Brazilian top engineers as they vie for the grand prize excursion. Last year’s competition had over 1,200 participants and we expect even more excitement and participation this year. 

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