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Sweden’s nature to symbolize the race for sustainability

Press Release   •   Feb 07, 2013 23:17 GMT

Press release issued by Your pilot your country Ltd, United Kingdom
February 8th, 2013
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Sweden’s nature to symbolize the race for sustainability

A new TV series designed to showcase competitive gliding and highlight environmental issues is to be backed by crowd funding.

“Wings over Sweden” will champion clean energy and show how high-performance racing can be achieved without a big carbon footprint.

The programme makers hope to raise money for the project through the crowd funding website

State-of-the-art racing sailplanes exceed 250km/h powered by sun and wind,  using natural features as their racetrack, often flying flat out mere metres from the mountainside.

The new TV format, to be replicated in up to 20 countries, will follow four young pilots vying for a chance to compete in a future elite competition, currently in development.

Each three-episode series will show off the host nation’s environmental, sustainability and tourism credentials, as well as the beauty and excitement of top-flight gliding.

Project leader Anthony McQuiggan and veteran aerial cinematographer Peter Degerfeldt have turned to the new crowd-funding phenomenon in order to raise the first funds for the project. This means that visitor’s to can make money pledges towards the project in return for a range of rewards. They will also be able to tip the production team to which places or landmarks should be filmed, which sustainability success stories should be featured, or which celebrities could be invited into the passenger seat.

Degerfeldt said: “Wings over Sweden is for those who want to inspire 21st century thinking and own a stake in the projects.”

“If ‘Wings over Sweden’ is successful, it will pave the way for similar projects in other countries.”

The team needs £34k to make a promo film demonstrating the viability of the concept. Early pledges have already got them off the mark, but they need the support of the wider community to reach his target.

Another key element of the new format is gender equality, with men and women pilots competing on level terms. Gloria Stenfelt, a 30-year-old research engineer specialising in flight dynamics, is one of the four Swedish pilots to represent their country in the future elite competition.

She said: “Unlike other sports, there’s no reason why women pilots cannot compete on level terms with their male counterparts. There was a Golden Age of women’s aviation, when many of the great pioneers were women, but now we are seriously underrepresented in the sport, and I want to reverse that.”

Plans are already underway to replicate the “Your pilot, your country” format in Turkey and Switzerland. The Documentary is the first step towards a larger project – the Skyrace World Cup: ten races every year in some of the most exotic locations on Earth, 20 pilots, 20 countries, one winner.

The link to the project on Kickstarter is:


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  • Your pilot, your Country is the umbrella name for “Wings over Sweden” and its sister TV documentaries aimed at raising the profile of gliding and environmental / sustainability issues in up to 20 countries across the globe. YPYC will provide buildup and pilots for the Skyrace World Cup (see below).

  • Skyrace World Cup - a nascent concept in competitive gliding: twenty pilots from 20 countries competing in a series of races to be crowned the best elite pilot in the world. Specially developed gliders capable of almost 300kmh powered exclusively by solar and wind power. Renewable energies instead of engines, and natural landscapes instead of circuits.
  • Planetaire - Swedish firm promoting Skyrace World Cup, also the producer behind Sailplane Grand Prix in the Andes, a DVD / Blu-ray filmed at the 2010 FAI Gliding World Championship final in Santiago, Chile.

  • Kickstarter - an New-York based private for-profit company that provides online tools to raise funds for creative projects via crowd funding.