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The EU supports the development of marine traffic between Helsinki and Tallinn

Press release   •   Aug 02, 2013 11:38 UTC

The European Commission will propose funding of EUR 11.3 million for the development of harbours in Helsinki and Tallinn.

The harbours of Helsinki and Tallinn are part of the core network of European harbours. The EU is also providing financial support for the development of these harbours through the TEN-T programme. The EU funding being proposed is meant especially for projects that aim to improve the fluency of vehicle and ship traffic.

This spring, the City of Helsinki submitted a joint application, on behalf of the two harbours, for the TWIN-PORT project, which is a part of the Motorways of the Seas programme for 2012-2015. The aim of the programme is to improve traffic in the harbours of both Helsinki and Tallinn. In Helsinki, the programme focuses in particular on improving the capacity and traffic arrangements of the West Harbour, while in Tallinn, the focus is on similar efforts at the Old City Harbour. The project includes new pier and area arrangements, as well as improvements in traffic connections and traffic guidance through the use of new technologies.

The Port of Helsinki's improvement efforts will focus on the West Harbour, where a pier conversion will be carried out and a new 6 hectare land-fill with two new ferry berths will be added. Ship traffic opportunities will be improved by deepening the Pihjalajasaari by-pass route and by removing the shallows next to the turnaround. The project will also include improvements concerning the land traffic connections of the West Harbour.

In the Port of Tallinn, the project will improve land traffic connections in the A, B and D terminals.

On 11 July 2013, the TEN-T Financial Assistance Committee approved the funding proposal, which will be ratified by the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament in the autumn.

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