The number that have won the most times on the Super Lotteries...

Press Release   •   Jul 31, 2013 08:54 GMT

So, you are about to enter the magical numbers. A bright flash goes through your mind. Numbers, numbers and numbers. And then it is just empty. 

Been there done that? Let us present some statistics of the most winning numbers. How to use it? You decide!

No. 29, has been within the most of the winning lines, five times. After that, the numbers 22 and 31 on four occasions. Number 17, 23 and 44 who has been three times each.

Here is the complete list of how many times every figure has been in the lines that created the ten biggest jackpots in the world: 


Number 29 =5 times

Number 22 =4 times

Number 31 =4 times

Number 17 =3 times

Number 23 =3 times

Number 44 =3 times

Number 4 =2 times

Number 8 =2 times

Number 11 =2 times

Number 15 =2 times

Number 16 =2 times

Number 42 =2 times

Number 43 =2 times

Number 52 =2 times

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