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Press release   •   Mar 31, 2012 05:27 UTC

While Spaniards are most likely to getting sexy in the dark, Germans and Swedes watch TV and the Dutch relax in front of the fireplace. These are some of the conclusions that can be drawn from the lights off survey.

The survey also sheds some light on whether we prefer having our lights on or off for a roll in the hay. Spaniards and Germans like what they see and prefer keeping the lights on, while a majority of the people from other countries prefer the lights off. Most likely to turn their lights off while doing it are people in the UK, US and Sweden. Being ecological while burning some human energy is sexy!

So what’s the charm with the dark? Do we dare to get more naughty? Yeah baby, yeah – if you live in the US, China or France. But the reasons may not be as sexy as that. Sadly as many as 1/5 of all Swedes, Americans and Germans prefer lights off due to lack of self-confidence. And in China almost 1/5 of the male respondents turn their lights off in order to think of someone else.

What will help you having a better time in the dark? Tools and gadgets are popular among couples and in particular among Germans, Spaniards and the Chinese. In Spain and Italy mirrors are particularly popular in the dark – nothing reveals how they would see anything in the dark though… Last but not least, ¼ of the respondents mention that GLOW IN THE DARK underwear would help them having a good time in the dark – especially in China (33%), France (30%) and the US (30%).


The lights off survey was conducted in nine different countries with a total of 1713 respondents aged 18-30 years. The countries included: China, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, UK, US. The whole survey along with voxpops in 15 languages as well as infographics can be downloaded from:

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