Truecaller Announces Global Name Search

Press Release   •   Feb 13, 2013 12:08 GMT

The world’s first collaborative phone directory announces 11 million users; iOS and Android app updates - Look up phone numbers by name 

Stockholm, Sweden and London, UK – 13 February 2013 – Truecaller today announces the addition of name lookup functionality to its popular collaborative global phone directory. Users can now search by name for phone numbers to people as well as using the reverse number lookup service. Truecaller’s reverse number lookup lets users find out who is calling, eliminating the need to waste time with spam, sales or robot calls.

“We’re excited to announce that Truecaller now has over 11 million users searching for 300 million phone numbers per month,” said Alan Mamedi, Truecaller co-founder and CEO. “We’ve updated our popular iOS and Android apps to include the new name lookup feature. Fans have positively reviewed our Android app 30,000 times on Google Play, and we are thrilled to deliver an updated version to our users today.”

Truecaller provides smart results for each query, and puts users in control of who can see their contact details at all times. Using Truecaller Credits, a person can request contact information through their social circle. The intuitive service sends a text message to the person whose number has been requested. The person being contacted must approve the request in order to unlock their contact details for the requester. This ensures that no contact details can be shared without prior approval of the person being contacted. The name search and reverse number lookup services are intelligent and easy to use.

Truecaller continues to be a success thanks to the Truecaller community, which enhances the global directory service by sharing contacts from their phone books. As always, security features remain prominent. Users can easily opt in or out at any time. If a user opts out, their phone book will be unlisted permanently. Users can block individuals from requesting contact through Truecaller.

Together with people from all over the world, Truecaller is reinventing the way people contact each other and get in touch by creating a collaborative phone directory. With users sharing their phone books to create a dynamic database that is always evolving, Truecaller has significantly higher coverage and accuracy than any other online or traditional paper directory.

What’s New:

  • Truecaller is still the same free app, the only service that we will be charging for is when the user wishes to get in contact with a person through the name search feature
  • With the Truecaller name search, getting in touch with the right person has never been easier
  • Personalized user details allows user to take control of their information to easily change their name. The users can also add other information such as Twitter, LinkedIn and their address
  • SMS alerts to let you know that a user wants to get in touch: “"Greetings from Truecaller. Nami Zarringhalam has asked for your phone number. Call back on +46763404499 or read more:
  • Truecaller provides “smart search results” based on a user’s wider social circle
  • Truecaller Credits allows you to request contact information (name lookup); reverse number lookup continues to be a free service
  • Updated iOS and Android apps, and a new looking Truecaller website

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About Truecaller

Truecaller is the world’s first collaborative global phone directory, making it easy for users to get in touch with people across the globe. Truecaller’s dynamic database is always evolving, built by its community that helps keep it accurate by sharing their contacts. Users are always in control of who can see their contact information. Truecaller is available on all internet-enabled devices and on the web. Headquartered in Stockholm, Truecaller is a Swedish company with a global vision. Founded in 2009 by co-founders Nami Zarringhalam and Alan Mamedi, the company is funded by angels and Open Ocean, early VC investors in MySQL. For more information visit or download TrueCaller on m.truecaller