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TSS Invited to Shed New Light on Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Press Release   •   Feb 23, 2016 10:23 GMT

TSS is invited as speaker on the 13th Pharma Logistics Forum (PLF) congress, taking place in Athens 2nd – 4th of March. PLF is a non-profit organization and platform for net-working and exchange of ideas and experiences. The forum is an industry initiative driven by pharmaceutical companies with the aim to set upbest logistics practices for the pharmaceutical industry.

The theme of TSS’ presentation is ‘How to Monitor Temperature and Humidity during Transport‘. As the title suggests, it will cover best practices when it comes to assuring that temperature sensitive drugs have travelled in the right conditions, i.e. that the patient receives a safe and effective medicine. It will also shed some new light on how to handle the temperature controlled supply chain, challenging the traditional ways of doing things.

Help Discover New Opportunities

One of the presenters is Johan von Arronet, TSS’ Sales Manager of the European space. “We see that many pharmaceutical companies tend do things the way they’ve always done, clinging to ineffective processes and rather outdated technologies”, commented von Arronet. ”Even though the process they have in place might allow them to meet compliance, they probably miss out on vast opportunities to streamline their processes and facilitate their day-to-day operations. Our ambition is to help them discover what opportunities there are out there, and that leaner processes do not have to imply increased costs – rather the opposite”, von Arronet added.

Goal: Allow Pharma Companies to Learn From Their Data

TSS has provided the life science industry with temperature monitoring solutions since the company’s establishment in 1992. Ever since, their aim has been to allow companies to learn from all of their data, to be able to make profound business decisions based on that information.

Challenge the Ordinary

“We want to challenge and go beyond the traditional approach, where the industry tends to put most focus on the data logger as such. We mean that the logger is just a mean to capture the data, and it is the system that enables you to understand, change, and ultimately improve you business”, von Arronet concluded.

TSS is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider with more than 20 years of experience within temperature monitoring, focusing on the Life Science industry.

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