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Press release   •   May 02, 2012 22:55 UTC

Ever thought of who you want to ‘do’ you in the dark and if they want to ‘do’ you back? Swedish fashion brand Björn Borg launches a Twitter service called Tweeting in the Dark.

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How it works
‘Tweeting in the Dark’ users can type in the Twitter alias of someone they want to ‘do’; Björn Borg will then notify that person that ‘Someone wants to do you in the dark’. After that, we hope to witness a multitude of blooming romances on Twitter this spring. 


It gets even hotter!
If the right person enters the Twitter name of the person who has previously entered their own name on Tweeting in the Dark, both parties will get notified. If not, everyone stays anonymous.


How did this come true?
The idea behind Tweeting in the Dark was born when Björn Borg recently conducted a survey on people’s habits when turning their lights off. The most common activity was to ‘do’ someone, not unexpected. Combine that result with the 53% of the tweeters claiming that they flirt on the social media platform, odds are that Twitter has the potential of being a place for romance. 


Short facts:

Twitter love facts

- 53 % of the users claim they flirt on Twitter.

- 42 % claim to be sexually adventurous.

- 33 % sees himself or herself as a skilled lover.

(source: geeksugar)


Pernilla Johansson, PR Manager, Björn Borg AB.

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Björn Borg is a Swedish tennis player and one of the most iconic sportsmen in history. Björn Borg’s unique style and rock-star qualities was the inspiration when we started the Björn Borg brand in 1984. Nowadays Björn Borg is an international fashion brand with a focus on colorful fashion underwear, sportswear, bags, footwear, eyewear and fragrances.