Unique New No-Cost iPad App “Feed2Go” lets People and Businesses Create an Integrated Feedback Culture to Generate More Prospects, Customers & Fans

Press release   •   May 21, 2014 12:00 UTC

People and businesses around the world in search of an elegantly simple yet remarkably powerful way to create an integrated feedback culture so they can generate more prospects, customers and fans, can now download the unique new no-cost iPad app Feed2Go from Sipeso GmbH.

Feed2Go empowers users to collect feedback at every opportunity, via any real life touch point, and to evaluate the data right away – offline within a single app on the iPad.

Without ever having to go online, log-in, or store data anywhere other than their iPad, users can quickly and easily:

> Highlight the question that is most relevant to their success on their feedback page questionnaire

> Terminate, pause and resume their questionnaires at anytime

> Assign custom feedback metrics to each question (ratings, relevance, selection, free text and emotions) and gain demographic data or behavior preferences and decision needs for more knowledge about their target groups

> Create a “Thank You” page with video, pictures and text to promote activities, share information and boost their brand image

> Add a “sticker” that draws attention to their latest news or campaigns

> Manage all media elements (pictures, PDFs, videos) via the Media Manager

> Generate immediate measurable and detailed results from each questionnaire (return rates, question/answer charts and focus question)

> Proactively watch out for complaints or negative feedback and neutralize them before they spread

> Share positive graphics, reviews, suggestions or ideas to target groups via social sharing

> Export results to data processing programs for internal review and analysis

> Activate a custom agreement that provides customers with privacy and security information

Plus, users can access Feed2Go’s library of integrated templates to get started right away. The templates and their questions are already translated into English, German and Spanish.

“Feed2Go is a must-have app for any single user and business – regardless of its marketplace – that wants to win its customers’ voice,” commented Klaus Konrad of Sipeso GmbH.“ And just as importantly, the app is extremely easy to use and no technical knowledge or skill is required. Within a matter of minutes, businesses can deploy an innovative instrument and move forward in ways they never imagined possible!”

Feed2Go, the unique new no-cost iPad app that lets people and business create an integrated feedback culture to generate more prospects, customers and fans, is available now in the App Store at

Additional app information, including use cases, FAQs and more, is available at:

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