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Urbanears presents Listen to yourself by Tove Lo.

Press release   •   Sep 16, 2018 21:11 -12

— Today, Urbanears introduces its new campaign “Listen to yourself”, a new brand initiative for creative minds who listen to their inner voice and make this voice their guide. A stage for those curious souls who squeeze the most color out of life and

like to express their unique personalities. Collaborating with different artists, Tove Lo being the first, Urbanears will provide its products as a blank canvas to each creative, allowing them to express them- selves in how they recreate the design.

Campaign video.
Listen to yourself by Tove Lo.

Urbanears’ partnership with Tove Lo enables her to use the brand’s products to creatively and artistically express herself. Tove Lo created a customized and person- alized range of Urbanears products that bring the “Listen to yourself” message to life, creating a meaningful and impactful pop cultural moment through design.

“For me, the campaign is about daring
to listen to your gut feeling – the honest feeling about what you want and who you are that comes from inside you,” said Tove Lo. “I think most of us spend too much time listening to the outside – ‘what will people think’ and all that. The thing is, other peo- ple’s validation will never complete you.”

Tove Lo collaboration.

Tove Lo was inspired to collaborate with Urbanears because, with so much influence from the outside world, she believes it is difficult to keep a clear and free mind, able to wander on its own. Headphones and music can create that safe space – listening to music can change a mood and bring out important emotions. Those emotions, for Tove Lo, are empowering to her fans.

“My intention is very rarely political. I just speak my mind and make sure that my fans know where I stand. I won’t back away from something just because it’s seen as provocative or wrong by people I don’t share views with,” explained Tove Lo. “It’s when you start to polish the corners

of yourself to not offend anyone that you lose your voice. And we need voices now.”

Tove Lo created three custom products, stemming from the current product line, including Plattan 2 Bluetooth, Stammen and Baggen. Tove Lo created an all glitter headphone and a disco-themed speaker. Inspiration for these products derived from the singer’s popular song, “Disco Tits”.

“‘Disco Tits’ was a clear inspiration,” Tove Lo laughed. “I’m a typical ‘dance your tears away’ kind of person and a lot of my music has that feel to it. So, using materials like glitter and disco ball mirrors ties into that really well.” 

Urbanears is a creative lifestyle brand from Stockholm, Sweden, that’s been revolutionizing the headphone industry since 2009 by turning headphones into a fashion accessory. We have built our success upon a few simple ingredients; simplistic design, innovative features and lots and lots of color. Today we deliver creative and colorful sound to people in over 60 countries worldwide.

We believe in empowering people to express themselves through fashion- able electronics, and are committed

to champion radical creativity at the intersection of music, fashion and technology by collaborating with present & future icons to create new and immersive product & brand experiences.