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WhatData announces IT Storage Management from the cloud

Press Release   •   Feb 01, 2013 13:00 GMT

Enterprise Storage Resource Management company WhatData Inc. today announced the release of web-based Storage Reporting solution WhatData.com. A paradigm shift in how storage resources and unstructured data is identified, classified and analyzed.

Data center managers are often required to manage 20 to 40% annual increases in unstructured data with the same available resources and capital expenditures. Storing, locating and extracting business value from high volumes of data is increasing in complexity. Managing this avalanche of data is critical to reducing storage and compliance costs and minimizing corporate risk. A task that has been painfully complex due to time and the sheer amount of meta-data needed to collect in order to produce useful storage analytics.

With WhatData Storage Analytics, customers get an instant overview of their unstructured data on file-servers and network attached storage devices, in order to achieve optimal storage utilization. Unlike traditional storage reporting solutions, WhatData adds an analytical angle to the data, to highlight and pinpoint problem areas. WhatData answers questions like:

-  Who owns what data, where and how much and of what type?

-  Where are the largest, oldest or least used data areas and shares located?

-  Which applications are consuming the most disk space? Which applications are still in use?

-  What is the current storage growth trend? What is the future forecasted growth?

CEO and co-founder, Thomas Vernersson: “With a cloud- and web-based approach to Storage Management, our mission is to greatly simplify the life of storage managers and help them reclaim and optimize their storage. Gone are the days of costly must-install-and-maintain software packages for storage management”.

About WhatData Inc.

WhatData helps organizations analyze and evaluate their stored data in order to achieve optimal storage utilization. WhatData Inc. was founded by Thomas Vernersson and Philippe Peirano who has more than twenty years of experience in the enterprise storage industry. WhatData is compatible with most file servers, NAS’s and SAN’s, such as EMC, NetApp, Dell and others. 

WhatData Inc helps organizations analyze and evaluate their stored data in order to achieve optimal storage utilization. Bottom-line: we are here to help you save time and money by providing you with truly intelligent tools to manage your stored data.