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White Water Rafting - The Ultimate Team Building Experience

Press release   •   Mar 06, 2012 16:16 UTC

Developing a team mentality in the workplace is a major objective in today’s business world, and taking the time to work specifically on teambuilding outside of the office is an effective way to see real changes.  Andrew Carnegie said, “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives.  It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”  This is something that experienced Colorado River rafting guides know for a fact.


White water rafting trips are becoming a popular way for corporate groups to bond and grow together. Co-workers unite in powerful ways on a whitewater trips in the Grand Canyon, working together to master the forces of nature. There’s no greater exhilaration than shooting in unison the wild stretch of white water rapids of the Colorado River. The inspiring setting creates natural enthusiasm and a happily shared sense of accomplishment.


Participants’ communication skills are sure to improve on a Grand Canyon rafting trip.  Effective communication is often challenging in the office, with the constant distractions of email, meetings and ringing phones.  In the Grand Canyon there is time for co-workers to truly connect on a higher level.  Co-workers rarely have the chance to simply share in new experiences by day, and then hear each person’s input on the day’s adventures as everyone comes together.  On the river, this is a part of the experience that participants look forward to.  Gathering together in camp each evening over a great meal after a fantastic day of outdoor activities in itself is a powerful relationship building experience.  Moira Winter of Arizona River Runners says, “We have been amazed over the years at how we see people’s relationships grow over the course of one of our whitewater trips.  Even co-workers who think they know each other from spending time in the office together every day discover a whole new dynamic on the river. We’ve found that corporate groups bond in a really special way out here.” 


Arizona River Runners offers a range of Grand Canyon rafting adventures that bring corporate teams together.  The Colorado River outfitter’s experienced guides and crew work with teambuilding facilitators to create an excursion uniquely tailored to specific goals and objectives.  There is plenty of time in camp for additional planned activities or down time, whichever is preferred.  Itineraries are flexible and can include easy to challenging hikes, lazy river swims, and facilitated team building exercises, spirited camp games or just time for people to connect while relaxing in a majestic natural setting.


If your company group is looking for a truly unique and powerful team building experience, white water rafting in the Grand Canyon could be the answer to better communications, increased productivity and a lot more smiles around the office all year long. No special preparation before the trip or any particular skill sets are required.  All people need to do is show up ready for adventure and fun, and the river outfitters will do the rest.  The company provides the facilitator and exercises; Arizona River Runners provides all of the equipment, gear, food and river expertise so that participants can get the most out of their team building adventure.

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