Wiredelta® makes an AI Assistant that Builds Scalable Websites for Free

Press Release   •   Jan 17, 2017 12:46 GMT

Danish website building platform, Wiredelta, has developed an AI assistant to build websites for free, ready to scale, vast customization options, and with no technical skills required.

Wiredelta is a technical hub for the world’s digital idea makers and innovators. With more than 4.5 years of experience building custom web and mobile applications, an artificial assistant has now been developed on top of Google’s algorithms to build custom websites 24/7 without the need for human interaction!

The Website Building Industry is Scattered and Intransparent

Today, building a website is a headache with digital agencies, freelance portals and do-it-yourself portals like Wix, Weebly and Squarespace all fighting for your attention. The problems are many, but can be boiled down to a very intransparent industry where costs and end product are not obvious to the business owners and individuals ordering the website.

Consolidating the Industry To Become Transparent, No Coding Skills Required

In Wiredelta, everything we ever built has been in open source frameworks, which are technical and difficult to use for non-programmers. This is why Wiredelta has built a clean process to set up and customize websites that are built in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop, ReactJS or AngularJS, no coding skills required.

It is key for Wiredelta to power websites in open source frameworks because they provide a superior amount of libraries, all for free. The largest open source framework is WordPress that offers more than 4,000 themes and almost 50,000 plugin modules, for free. In comparison, Wix and Squarespace offers 100-500 themes and plugins charging a monthly subscription. The customization options within open source are vast, allowing businesses to not only get the exact initial setup they want for free, but also the ability to change along the way, either with a human developer or an assistant.

AI Assistant Available 24/7 to Guide You

Wiredelta is radically innovating website building by launching an AI assistant that helps customers to assemble, build and change their websites. Our human developers have been training the AI to perform progressively complex tasks. Its like human drivers teaching the car how to drive, but for web and mobile development! If the AI is unsure how to complete a certain task, it calls upon human developers to help out, and then learns how to carry out the task on its own next time.

The AI and open source revolution is already happening, so sign up for our demo here and join the future of website building today!


About Wiredelta

Founded in 2012, Wiredelta set out to create a technical hub for idea makers and innovators alike. Since the company’s inception, Wiredelta’s mission has been to “transform volatile ideas into rock-solid products”, building more than 200 custom websites and apps for sensational new companies. During this time, developers in India, Denmark, France, Colombia, and Indonesia have conducted tons of research to create what is now our brand new platform. To learn more about Wiredelta’s history, visit https://wiredelta.com/press or


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In 2010, Thibaut Delarbre and Mark Dencker set out to create a product company called Designing Opportunities aiming to connect designers, manufacturers and clients on a single web-based platform. In spite of positive feedbacks from early users, the project was short-lived when the two entrepreneurs didn’t have the budget to finance the application development. A rather common problem in the startup world! They decided to solve that pain and created Wiredelta® in 2012.