World’s most copied chair celebrates its 30th birthday with Skargaarden (and brings friends!)

Press Release   •   Dec 17, 2013 13:02 GMT

Swedish leisure furniture manufacturer Skargaarden is to take over the production and sale of the iconic Swedish design classic, the Viken chair. The Viken was originally designed by Gunilla Norin, and is probably the most plagiarised foldable chair ever. But this is the original, and this spring it will be celebrating its 30th birthday. In addition to Viken, Skargaarden is to also start production of H55 and Kryss, by Björn Hultén, and Nozib by Nils-Ole Zib.

If plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery, then Viken should be the most flattered chair in the world. Of all chairs, it’s the one that’s been copied the most. Ever. The ingenious construction makes it foldable, using only teak. Not a single piece of metal. Many have tried to copy the looks and functionality of Viken. None have succeeded.

The H 55 by Björn Hultén was launched, as you might imagine, in 1955. It’s been almost sixty years since then. And we still haven’t seen a better chair in its genre. It’s understated, laid-back and, well – simply elegant. For those of you who are still wondering whether less really is more – here’s the answer: you can adjust the back to four positions, (from “Yes, I’m still listening”, to “Zzzz…”). H55 is made of teak and acrylic fabric.

Kryss was designed in 1975 for the Swedish embassy in Cairo. It is graciously sleek and elegant. Made from teak and fabric, it’s both foldable and durable. Sure it can be placed on a patio. But it can also be tucked into the boot of the car, for that Sunday picnic.

It’s really amazing,” says Skargaarden’s Anna Visuri.

These furniture icons are an integral part of our inspiration. We’ve always strived to become the continuity of a certain Scandinavian design heritage. With these pieces we’re already there.”

Please contact us if there are any questions or to get more information and high resolution images of Viken, H55, Kryss and Nozib.

Anna Visuri, Press Coordinator

+46 705 86 55 22

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