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Zaluvida to launch climate-friendly beef with Ogilvy Change

Press Release   •   Aug 15, 2017 13:26 GMT


Zaluvida Corporate AG, a Swiss-based pioneering life science company,has appointed Ogilvy Change, the behavioural interventions agency, as its agency partner to collaborate in the launch of climate-friendly beef in Europe.

Zaluvida has developed a natural feed supplement, Mootral, which instantly lowers methane emissions from livestock by at least 30%, contributing to the well-being and happiness of the cows. This innovation can help solve a long-standing challenge people face – the discomfort caused by wanting to ‘do good’ and at the same time, enjoying meat and dairy as part of a normal healthy lifestyle. Now, with the launch of Mootral and climate-friendly cow products, people will have the opportunity to do both.

Zaluvida is a pioneer in engineering therapies and new biotechnology innovations to meet the challenges of obesity, antibacterial resistance and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Ogilvy Change is one of the world’s leading behavioural science organisations. At the forefront of applied behavioural change, bridging the gap between academic theory and real world application, Ogilvy Change was chosen specifically to understand the factors that influence peoples’ ‘green’ decisions.

Through a series of cognitive and behavioural research endeavours, the agency will surface the less conscious factors influencing consumer’s ‘green’ behaviour, designing interventions and communications to successfully bring climate friendly beef to market in selected supermarkets.

Amanda Merrell, Chief Commercial Officer at Zaluvida, explained: “We are delighted to partner with Ogilvy and selected supermarkets and farmers to bring climate-friendly beef to consumers. The majority of consumers enjoy meat and dairy products as part of a healthy and balanced diet but are also becoming increasingly conscious of the impact cows have on the environment. This is why we are excited to launch our Mootral brand that will effectively enable meat eating people, the ‘silent majority’, to match their desire to do good with their consumption of dairy products and beef.”

Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Group UK, added: Our interventions are built on a foundation of behavioural science, executed with creative thinking and developed with real world iteration. We work in partnership with client teams to find new and interesting ways to ‘nudge’ people to make better decisions in their daily lives. We are really looking forward to working with Mootral and bringing this great and necessary product to market. ”  

Zaluvida is a globally operating life science group that endeavors to rapidly develop solutions for the biggest challenges in healthcare. The company is led from its corporate offices in Switzerland and has branches in Germany, Wales, the Netherlands, the US and Malaysia. By making use of unique bioactive compounds with pharma-grade efficacy, Zaluvida is a pioneer in therapies and technologies for obesity, antibiotic resistance and for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Our team is united by the desire to use visionary biotech innovations to support as many people as possible in shaping a better future for themselves. 

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