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The Powering Productivity report

The Powering Productivity report

Documents   •   Sep 02, 2015 07:45 GMT

An independent international study commissioned by Planview and conducted by research company Loudhouse, reveals that business leaders identify that the most common cause of wasted time during the workday is inefficient processes and duplicated efforts. It shows that companies without tech-driven productivity strategies are suffering the most, affecting customer satisfaction, employee retention.

The Chaos Theory report

The Chaos Theory report

Documents   •   Nov 16, 2014 12:04 GMT

Managing projects has never been so tough. There’s an expectation for project managers and their teams to be more accountable, productive and collaborative, but the combination often results in chaos. To understand its impact on business productivity and goals achievement, Projectplace commissioned an independent study that looks at the views and attitudes of 1,200 European project managers.

7 Project-Management Tips: Stop administering−start managing!

If you can put it in the cloud, put it in the cloud. Then share project information openly and transparently with all team members from one, single, secure workspace. Meet your dispersed teams in this virtual workspace: discuss, plan and comment. Improve your work situation with our tips, based on the very latest project management trends, methodologies and social technologies.

Yes you can with kanban

Yes you can with kanban

Documents   •   Sep 03, 2013 08:33 GMT

5 reasons why digital kanban boards are proliferating in project management As the need for improved overviews and collaboration increases, the use of digital kanban boards is spreading very fast. Learn more about the main drivers behind the development and how visualisation can be used to improve work efficiency.

Survey 2011: How will you work this summer?

Survey 2011: How will you work this summer?

Documents   •   Jun 13, 2011 08:31 GMT

We asked 800 Europeas if they will check their email during vacation, work outside the office and how long vacation they will have.

What is Social Project Management and why should we care?

Five and a half insights about the hottest trend in project management

Projectplace Social Customer Survey - results per market

Compare the results from UK, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Projectplace Social Customer Survey 2010 - European results

We asked our users in Europe how they use social media tools in projects.