The most important playlist of the week is released

Pressmeddelanden   •   Maj 31, 2018 20:29 -12

​Today, The most important playlist of the week, is released on Spotify. The playlist, reserved for independent artists, is initiated and curated by Record Union, to give independents a new platform and to challenge the norm of success within the music industry today.

Eleni Foureria and A-P Records could win Eurovision

Pressmeddelanden   •   Maj 09, 2018 01:31 -12

Cyprus artist, Eleni Foureria has been emerged to win the Eurovision Song Contest with her song ‘Fuego’ on Saturday’s final. A-P Records and Panik Records are the labels behind the song that has been written by a team of Swedish songwriters and distributed via Record Union.

Swedish artists to perform at music project in Berlin

Pressmeddelanden   •   Maj 07, 2018 23:38 -12

Now it’s official that the rapper Queen C and the two pop bands Melby and OX will perform in Berlin when Die Neuen Schweden is held in August. For the fourth consecutive year, three Swedish artists, chosen by a jury, get the opportunity to meet with and perform in front of industry people in Germany. This year, Record Union stands as co-host to the initiative.

Introducing Record Union Tutorials

Nyheter   •   Feb 13, 2017 03:15 -12

Record Union introduces a new series of video tutorials within music production, songwriting and the music business to be released under the name, Record Union Tutorials.

The first tutorials are presented in collaboration with one of the world's biggest institute for education within creative media, SAE institute. The episodes are optimized for social media and will keep a short format, sharing useful tips in an easily accessible way. In the upcoming videos there will be various professionals guiding us through the tutorials and the partners will change depending on the subject.

In this first episode Emil Pettersson, studio manager at SAE institute, is sharing his best tips for how to make your vocal recording sound as good as possible. Check it out below and follow Record Union on Youtube for more tutorials and other awesome stuff.

For more information and contact:

Felicia Flack
Head of Communications & PR
Record Union

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