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Gero Co-Founder Unveils Ongoing Research at IVAO Conference 2016, Talks about Cutting Edge Research on New Drugs to Combat Aging

Пресс-релиз   •   Янв 20, 2017 10:03 MSK

Moscow, Russia, - Peter Fedichev, CSO and co-founder of Gero LLC, delivered a key speech at the IVAO Conference 2016, on new drugs against aging and age-related diseases.

With extensive body of work on anti-aging, Gero LLC, the Moscow based drug discovery company was a key participant in the conference. The conference, witnessed the biggest names in longevity research descend on Saint-Petersburg, Russia between 25th to 28th April,2016; where scientists on the forefront of cutting edge research in anti-aging showcased the progress made in discoveries.

Speaking on the third day of the conference on “Target and biomarker identification platform to design new drugs against aging and age-related diseases”, Peter Fedichev, gave insights into the spectacular progress Gero has achieved in this niche domain since inception. He said that their success stems partially from the new mathematical methods, that have evolved to analyze complex data.

Gero has ambitious plans to roll out therapy that will prolong human lifespan. Actively soliciting biotech, pharmaceutical and IT organizations to collaborate in research, Gero is brimming with research scientists on its march to anti-aging drug discovery. The emphasis at Gero has been on advanced research on biomarkers, to unravel the formulation of therapies that fight aging.

A natural progression of medical dogmas, biomarker identification is an acknowledged platform to aid in the discovery of drugs against aging. With focused research on biomarkers, Gero aims to chart out a path towards an effective anti-aging therapy. Interesting details of extensive studies carried out by Gero were shared by Dr. Fedichev who shared information on the nature of data, ”the data we collate is highly dimensional, outnumbering the measurements, calling for the need to develop new methods”.

Gero has made rapid strides in research that has thrown up data and information consistent with theories against-ageing, which was shared at the IVAO Conference 2016, a further reaffirmation of the progress in anti-aging research. Gero is an active contributor of articles for the research community on the strength of its pioneering research. Much sought after in international forums for delivering speeches on important research topics, Mr.Peter has helmed Gero in its quest for the best anti-ageing drug.

Further information on anti-ageing research of Gero, is available on the website Alternatively, those who are interested to learn or join the journey can contact +7 495 276 2 275.

Gero LLC is a drug development company based in Moscow, Russia. They are working on creating first in class small molecule therapeutics using proprietary, industry leading molecular modeling methods and systems biology technologies. Their research is focused mainly on the identification of new drugs which could slow the process of aging.