White Nights Dynamic wind tunnel tournament comes to St. Petersburg, Russia, June 11-13 2015

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White Nights tournament in St. Petersburg, Russia, June 11-13 2015
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Maria Dmitrienko

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White Nights Dynamic wind tunnel tournament comes to St. Petersburg, Russia, June 11-13 2015

20 international teams to compete over championship

Dynamic 4way and Flystation Wind tunnel organize a dynamic flying competition for the top international wind tunnel flyers in the world. Teams of 2 and 4 will compete over championship.

Following a creative burst, sparked by a group of flying individuals around the world, D4W is currently being developed as a new discipline within skydiving and wind tunnel flying. D4W can best be described as a competition concept where flyers express themselves creatively and artistically by flying. The first competition organized by this group of people, the Battle of Bottrop, was held in Bottrop Germany on the 20th December 2012.

In the White Nights tournament, the teams (2 or 4 persons) compete in:

- COMPULSORY ROUNDS, where speed and precision of flying in predetermined moves and lines are judged; becoming like a race against the other teams in time and not making mistakes;

- FREE ROUNDS, where the participants will show their creative skills in flying choreographic routines of their own design.

The competition happens in a battle format where the winning team moves forward to fight for championship. White Nights will be the 6th tournament organized by D4W. As a competitive sport it is very enjoyable and pleasing for spectators to watch. Combined with goldfish-bowl type wind tunnels with viewing areas, it has the potential to grab the public's eye, thus expanding the sport.

The competition name ”White Nights” comes from the endless nights of the northern hemisphere’s summer. St. Petersburg has received a very poetic and literary acclaim about it, as no other major European city can rival the experience nor the atmosphere of the on the streets, canals and riverbanks of St. Petersburg during the summer months – lively, friendly, romantic and bustling with people throughout the night as well as the day!

We welcome the media to join the event and enjoy the competition experience & see what body flight is all about. We are happy to assist with presetting interviews and with pictures by request.

Maria Dmitrienko

PR & Community Manager