World's best dynamic wind tunnel flyers meet at White Nights tournament June 13 2015 at Flystation

Press release   •   Jun 13, 2015 11:37 MSK

International Press Release
White Nights tournament in St. Petersburg, Russia, June 11-13 2015
For Immediate Release

Maria Dmitrienko

Flystation wind tunnel contact:

Best dynamic wind tunnel flyers of the world to meet at White Nights tournament:
Finals June 13 2015

21 international teams compete over championship

Dynamic 4way and FlyStation Wind tunnel organize a dynamic flying competition for the top international wind tunnel flyers in the world. 14 teams of 2 and seven teams of 4 will compete over championship in dynamic 2-way (D2W) and dynamic 4-way (D4W) categories.

Thursday June 11th was a training day for the teams, and during Friday June 12th the teams have been battling for points in pools. The amount of points will determine which placement the team gets on Saturday's tournament board, which resembles a play-off system. Winning teams move forward towards to battle for a higher ranking, but also the losing teams will meet another losing team to battle for ranking.

The first round of the tournament day is a "free round", where the teams show their creative skills in flying choreographic routines of their own design. The second round will be a "speed round", which means the teams are battling in compulsory moves for the fastest time, trying not to make any mistakes ("busts") which would result in a time penalty.

The competition name ”White Nights” comes from the endless nights of the northern hemisphere’s summer. St. Petersburg has received a very poetic and literary acclaim about it, as no other major European city can rival the experience nor the atmosphere of the on the streets, canals and riverbanks of St. Petersburg during the summer months – lively, friendly, romantic and bustling with people throughout the night as well as the day!

We welcome the media to enjoy the competition experience & see what body flight is all about. We are offering a professional live stream (by a crew that has also done the Olympics) in two languages, Russian and English. We are also happy to provide media professional level pictures in high resolution.

The live stream will be offered from 13.45 MSK/10.45 UTC in these links:
RUSSIAN: http://flystation.net/wn2015
ENGLISH: http://flystation.net/en/wn2015

The basic schedule outline is the following:
14.00–16.30 D2W & D4W first rounds*

16.40–17.55/18.25** ranking rounds:
5th to 14th place D2W & 5th to 7th place in D4W

17.55/18.25–18.40/19.30** Bronze finals and Gold finals 
for D2W, then D4W

**earlier end time if no ties, 
later end time if all teams go to a tie

Please do not hesitate to contact the PR offices if you have requests for photos.
pr (at) flystation.net (Russian speaking)
d4w.net (at) gmail.com (English speaking)

We also have very extensive social media coverage in the following services:
Flystation https://www.facebook.com/flystationspb
D4W https://www.facebook.com/dynamic4way

Flystation https://instagram.com/flystationspb/
D4W https://instagram.com/dynamic4way

Flystation http://vk.com/flystationpiter

Maria Dmitrienko

PR & Community Manager


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