RackHigh Announces Turnkey Private Clouds

Press Release   •   Aug 12, 2013 21:25 GMT

A leading provider of global, Internet-scale cloud infrastructure, today unveiled its new RackHigh Saudi Arabia Private Clouds solution that provisions and configures full private cloud deployments on demand. These scalable, secure and high-performance deployments leverage the company’s automated architecture, Four Saudi Arabia data center locations and private network, and customer-controlled infrastructure management system. 

“For some time our customers have used our portfolio of dedicated servers, network resources, and virtualization options to build their own private clouds. Now, with RackHigh Saudi Arabia Private Clouds, instead of starting at square one, you can start with your cloud ready for whatever you want to do with it, ,” said Shafiq Ur Rehman, Chief Executive Officer for RackHigh. “We’ve built our Private Clouds solution out of our experience creating and managing our own cloud, and our unique capabilities in automating sophisticated deployments. At the push of a button you have a dedicated cloud at your command, with full access and control over every aspect, and the ability to scale infinitely, on demand.”

RackHigh Saudi Arabia Private Clouds streamlines ordering, enabling customers to simply choose the number of physical servers that they need as client hosts and then customize the configuration and resources for those servers as desired. In as few as two hours, RackHigh’s automated provisioning system will have automatically:

  • Provisioned the client hosts and installed each host’s hypervisor
  • Provisioned the cloud’s management server and installed its management system
  • Registered the client hosts with the management server
  • Completed network configuration and resource management tasks

Additional features include:

·  On-Demand Scalability: Customers can add physical nodes and virtual servers to their Private Clouds at any time, through the RackHigh Customer Portal and API.

·  Full Management Access and Control: Customers have full control over their private cloud via RackHigh’s portal, full-featured API and Apache CloudStack management tools.

·  Seamless Saudi  Deployment: RackHigh’s data center footprint and private network enable Saudi Arabia Private Clouds deployments with Apache CloudStack zones in each data center controlled from a single pane of glass and centralized management server.

·  RackHigh Object Storage Integration: RackHigh’s advanced Object Storage solution provides a searchable repository Private Clouds deployments, ideal for sharing virtual machine images, shared files, and other resources that demand high-availability/accessibility.

Availability & Pricing

RackHigh Saudi Private Clouds will be available starting September 1, 2013. Pricing starts at $1,218 per-month for a base configuration including one management server, one host server, and associated software licenses.

RackHigh is a leader in Saudi Cloud Hosting, Managed, and Saudi Arabia Dedicated Server Hosting. RackHigh delivers reliable, secure, and scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions to over 2,000 customers worldwide. RackHigh services its clients from more than 250,000 square feet of state-of-the-art data center space, spanning four continents and 2 countries. RackHigh has emerged as one of the largest Saudi cloud hosting and Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers in the world due to the company's expertise in developing secure, multi-tenant hosting environments and is committed to providing SMBs and large enterprises with cost effective business solutions. RackHigh's core products include Saudi Arabia Managed Hosting, Saudi Arabia Cloud Hosting, and Saudi Arabia Dedicated Server Hosting.

PR Contact: Sohail Naqvi (Media Manager)

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