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Norton brand investment - The Blue Sky Story

News   •   May 23, 2014 12:00 GMT

The goal of Blue Sky is to strengthen Norton’s global position with a newly defined visual identity that underpins its brand values and effectively segments its products; applied throughout all merchandising, packaging and marketing collateral.

Reinforcing the Norton branding with the addition of the Saint-Gobain endorsement to the Norton logo supports Norton as the global leader of reference in abrasives, delivering the most comprehensive abrasive solutions to its customers. Whilst the new Norton Mark symbolises the cutting edge of abrasive technology and represents our Good, Better, Best quality performance.

Norton is a brand that displays scientific authority. The brand personality is expressed by providing inventive abrasive solutions backed-up with cutting edge research and technological excellence. The new world of Norton conveys unparalleled innovation in everything you see. Norton will have a consistent visual identity across Europe, Middle East and Africa and across all markets.

Norton has a strong-holding within DIY and intends to strengthen its product offering with defined value and added-value ranges. These product ranges will be communicated to consumers through informative point-of-sale display and packaging. Norton DIY packaging uses sub-brands to help identify the range value. There are also ranges available targeted at different DIY applications. New in-store merchandising offers identifiable branding, easy product identification, and informative point-of-sale information that helps the consumer select the most appropriate product for the job. A wide range of sales support materials are available for customers and consumers, including complete product catalogues and brochures for each of our DIY ranges.

Norton has a newly segmented product range for the Maintenance, Repair and Operations market, to enable customers to clearly identify the quality performance and product features that are most relevant to their job. New innovations are continually developed and introduced into the market. Norton has three easily identifiable quality tiers with ‘+’ graphics and colour codes used to indicate the quality tier of the product.

Each product range has a sub-brand name which represents specific product features. Individual range or product benefits are also highlighted on every product. Silver colour code and five +++++’s represent the ‘best’ quality tier; highest productivity with lowest total cost. Blue colour code and four ++++’s represent the ‘better’ quality tier, providing an excellent blend of performance and price, red colour code and three +++’s for the ‘good’ quality tier, offering consistent performance and competitive initial price. 

Norton packaging has a consistent, strong brand presence across all products. Colour coding is also used to identify the substrate material. New in-store merchandising provides identifiable branding, products merchandised for easy identification, and point-of-sale information that encourages trade-up to the most appropriate products or solutions for the job, whether that’s for cutting off & grinding, stock removal, or surface preparation & finishing. A wide range of sales support materials for customers is available, including the comprehensive catalogue featuring a complete collection of abrasives for all industrial applications, plus a wealth of supporting materials and technical guides.

Norton has a comprehensive range of high quality products for the Automotive After Market, for applications ranging from paint removal to surface finishing and polishing. Norton packaging has a consistent, strong brand presence across all ranges with clearly identified product benefits and usage instructions. A wide range of sales support materials are available for customers. These include the comprehensive automotive catalogue, plus product brochures, quick reference guides and product selection posters.

In the Building & Construction market Norton is introducing new product ranges to reflect different consumer requirements, such as Norton Essential for professional and semi-professional crafts people looking for high quality, durable products. New in-store merchandising offers identifiable branding, products merchandised for easy identification, and point-of-sale information that helps the tradesman select the most appropriate product for the job. During 2014 Norton Clipper packaging will be updated to feature Norton Blue Sky. In-store merchandising offers identifiable branding and products merchandised for easy identification, and over the next year, new packaging will also be introduced.

As the technology leader, Norton sits at the forefront of the industry offering highly engineered value-adding abrasive solutions. A wealth of support materials is available to help highlight the advantages of our new, ground-breaking product innovations and solutions. Our newly defined visual identity will be consistent throughout all of our markets so whenever and wherever the Norton brand is present, you will experience clearly segmented and dynamic products with relevant supporting communications and a unified brand presence.

The Norton Blue Sky Story has just begun. Our new visual identity is starting to appear in many markets. Over the next year we will continue to develop and consolidate our communications to provide a unified Norton experience at every single touch point.

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