​Find the right way to sit

Blog posts   •   Sep 26, 2018 11:44 GMT

In many cases back pains are related to sitting. Sitting on a saddle chair is one of the most effective solutions. It connects several important elements that help to maintain and promote the proper sitting position, improve postural alignment, strengthen muscular endurance, and avoid health disorders. It allows distributing the load between the spine, and hips and legs.

Future super office

Blog posts   •   Aug 01, 2018 08:41 GMT

All the factors that boost well-being, productivity and energy will be realized in the future office, where productivity is easily 1.5 to 3 times better than in the traditional office. The good posture that is the basis of well-being and efficiency is achieved by sitting on a two-part swinging saddle chair, and standing for a third of the working time, about 20 minutes at a time.

​Salli chairs keep those hips moving!

Blog posts   •   Jul 06, 2018 08:54 GMT

Everyone would benefit from paying attention to the functioning of their spine and hips. It is not only important to train hard, it is just as important to think how you move and recover between the training sessions. I sit on a Salli chair, thus I can keep my spine in a good position, with some hip mobility exercises to keep myself moving and grooving even as I am working at my Salli workstation.

Don't abolish the effects of exercise by sitting in a bad position

Blog posts   •   Jun 21, 2018 09:26 GMT

It is a misconception that exercising outside the work day would undo the bad effects of sitting. By sitting all day at work in a bad position, you accidentally abolish the effects of active exercise. You can add movement into your day by sitting on an actice, two-part saddle chair. The middle gap in the two-part saddle chair is also important for the blood and lymph circulation.

Salli and Tomi Kokko invite you to change your life

News   •   May 31, 2018 08:20 GMT

Tomi Kokko is a Finnish personal trainer and the founder of Lean in Five Weeks Challenge. He is specialized in helping people to change their lives and be healthier, lose weigth and have more energy. At the moment he is on a six month tour around Finland, visiting all the 107 cities in Finland. Tomi gives free lectures about food, diets, wellbeing, and work ergonomics, also sitting health.

​Current knowledge of sitting health

News   •   May 23, 2018 10:59 GMT

Because of the gap in the middle of the seat there is no uncomfortable pressure on the genital area, and thus no need to turn the pelvis away from the pressure. That would result in a slouched sitting position where the back is rounded. The healthy posture can now be obtained easily and maintained during the whole day. The gap enhances both genital and internal pelvic health.

Energy levels up, profitability up!

Blog posts   •   May 18, 2018 07:57 GMT

Back pains are the most common reason for sick leaves. The sick leaves are long, and the problems may never completely go away. The worst thing one can do is to sit in a slouched position. The natural curves of the spine disappear and the pressure in unevenly distributed on the disks; that can result in a prolapsed disk. When the back muscles stretch they get tense and their circulation weakens.

Salli cooperates with a Finnish book publisher

News   •   May 09, 2018 04:18 GMT

Salli Systems is developing the world’s healthiest sitting concept and manufacturing related furniture. The concept is based on two-part Salli Saddle Chairs and wide knowledge of ergonomics. The Finnish publishing house VK-Kustannus has been publishing professional textbooks since 1978. The cooperation of these two health-conscious operators has started really well.

​Back pain is a global epidemic

News   •   May 03, 2018 08:23 GMT

Back pain is the most common cause of sick leaves, over 540 million people suffer from lumbar spine problems. When sitting in old-fashioned chairs there is a 90 degree angle in the hips. The disks are pushed together at the front and the muscles of the back are constantly stretched. This causes poor circulation, weakens the muscles and increases the risk of lumbago and ruptured disk.

​Salli's new Riding Pad in trial

Blog posts   •   Apr 26, 2018 08:52 GMT

There are three different Riding Pads currently available: Riding Pad Basic that weighs one kilo and that Ponitaivas tested, Riding Pad Arch with padded steel arch in the front, and Riding Pad Duo for two riders, and, for example, the disabled. All the Riding Pads have a unique design and in the groove in the middle of the pad removes pressure from the pelvic area.

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