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Skyresponse is now recognized as part of Amazon Partner Network

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 18, 2017 11:58 CEST

Skyresponse is now recognized as part of Amazon Partner Network - becomes Technology Partner to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Skyresponse already uses functionality from Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its cloud-based system solutions for alarm and event management. This cooperation is now being strengthened to enable the further development of the large-scale, modern platform on which Skyresponse services are based. This move is a reaction to increased demand in the rapidly expanding IoT market.

The services in Skyresponse’s system, which is cloud-based and globally accessible, can receive and manage alarms, deviations and events from IoT platforms or directly from digital units of all types and forward these so that they always reach the appropriate person, resource or system.

“Our solution is frequently a critical and decisive component for various IoT applications, including in the area of security and e-health, where we have many nursing homes as end users. The solution enables continuous monitoring of alarms and action with automatic escalation as required,” says Martin Reidevall, CEO of Skyresponse.

A typical nursing home for elderly or disabled may consist of 1 to 10 buildings, often spread out within the same municipality. The patients normally live in their own rooms or small apartments, while there are also other common areas and staff areas in the same building. Typically, 10 to 70 patients may live in the same building, each with their own specific needs and requirements to call for staff assistance. This situation requires an efficient and secure alarm management process with possibility to escalate if the personnel is occupied. With Skyresponse solution – built on AWS – the elderly experiences a higher level of safety and security at the same time as the municipality achieves lower cost to operate the solution as a service compared to buying and setting up local servers.

Skyresponse is growing rapidly in a number of IOT areas, such as e-health, security, facility management, smart city and industry 4.0 through various strong partnerships. In all of these areas, each user, machine, building, etc., has several sensors installed per object. All events are forwarded, directly or through an IOT platform, to Skyresponse’s system, which handles the entire flow from receiving and interpreting the alarm, and sending it to the appropriate recipient, to ensuring that the alarm is taken care of and action taken. The solutions are developed in cooperation with leading partners and everything is managed and administered within the framework of the Skyresponse AWS servers.

“We are historically strong in the security and e-health segment in the Nordics, but our overall strategy is to become a leading player for alarm and event management internationally in the area of IoT. The expanded cooperation with AWS is a step in the right direction for our services on a large-scale basis,” says Martin.

Om Skyresponse

Skyresponse (f.d. Skygd) är en ledande leverantör av distribution och hantering av larm och avvikelser från uppkopplade produkter. Våra dynamiska tjänster bildar ett digitalt nervsystem som reagerar på händelser och säkerställer att rätt människa, maskin eller system alltid nås. Skyresponse samarbetar med ledande partners och företagets molnbaserade systemlösning möjliggör nya tjänstepaketeringar med deras produkter. Med banbrytande teknik och stor erfarenhet är Skyresponse tjänster idealiska för det växande IoT-området, oberoende av bransch. 

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