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Proximion and Acreo Demonstrate Full C-band fiber Bragg grating based DCMs in Long-Haul Optical Transport at 10 Gbps and 40 Gbps.

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 08, 2006 12:57 CET

Successful demonstration of continuous C-band dispersion compensation by fiber Bragg gratings in an 820 km field trial at 10 Gbps and 40 Gbps line rates.

8 March 2006: Proximion, the technology leader within design and manufacturing of fiber-Bragg gratings enabling low loss dispersion compensation, and Acreo, a leading Swedish research and development institute operating the Swedish National Broadband Test-bed, announced the successful demonstration of continuous C-band dispersion compensation by fiber Bragg gratings in 10/40Gbps optical transmission through 820 km of installed standard single-mode fiber.

The technology trial utilized a fiber link running from Kista in Stockholm to Hudiksvall, north of Stockholm, and back to Kista. Proximion’s dispersion compensation modules (DCMs) were plugged in to replace the majority of the dispersion compensating fibers that had been installed in the link. Low insertion loss of the DCMs enabled operation with fewer amplifiers and improved OSNR. Successful transmission of signals at both 10 Gbps and 40 Gbps was demonstrated.

“Lower insertion loss of the DCMs allowed greater flexibility in the design of the dispersion map compared with DCF based dispersion compensation. We were also able to by-pass amplifiers and to reduce the noise level”, said Acreo’s Jonas Mårtensson, the project leader for the field demonstration. “Optimization of the dispersion map and improved OSNR resulted in improved performance and at the same time as less number of components was used.”

“This trial confirms the viability of Proximion’s fibre Bragg grating technology for metro and long-haul optical transport”, said Proximion’s CEO, Stefan Ekman. “Proximion’s dispersion compensation products improve the cost-effectiveness of optical transport by minimizing the need for amplification. Proximion’s products offer continuous dispersion compensation in the entire C-band making them channel spacing independent. At the same time the insertion loss is substantially lower than for traditional DCFs”.

“We were pleased to participate in Acreo’s test bed and greatly appreciated the opportunity to generate new data” said Pär Johanson, Director of Marketing and Sales at Proximion. ”Acreo’s test bed is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our products in an infrastructure which enables future broadband services.”

“We believe that fiber Bragg grating technology offers essential advantages compared with traditional DCFs. This field trial shows that the technology now is ready for deployment”, stated Acreo’s Jonas Mårtensson.

Proximion exhibits until March 9th at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference, OFC’06 in Anaheim, California. The DCM product line and a live transmission demonstration are on display in Proximion’s booth (#2584).

About Acreo
Acreo is a Swedish research institute working with contract research and development to help customers develop the advanced products of tomorrow. Acreo provides innovative microelectronics and optics solutions that contribute to growth and profitability. Acreo has a well-established competence into fiber optics, opto-electronics and micro systems technologies together with competence in the area of optical transmission and networking systems.

For more information please visit:

Media contacts for Acreo test bed:
Dr Gunnar Jacobsen, CTO Broadband Technologies, Acreo.
Phone: +46 70 278 8397
e-mail: gunnar.jacobsen

About Proximion
Proximion is a world-class provider of optical modules and sub-systems based on Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) technology. By combining these unique optical engines with the truly innovative skills of its team, Proximion contribute to its partners’ success in a variety of markets. The founding team of Proximion has pioneered design, manufacturing, and application of advanced FBGs. Proximion’s unique and patented method enables manufacturing of FBGs with
virtually any filter characteristics. Proximion is a privately held company headquartered in Kista, Sweden.

For more information please visit:

Media contacts Proximion:
Pär Johanson, Director Marketing & Sales, Proximion.
Phone: +46 70 319 7711
e-mail: par.johansson

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