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Ny VD i teknikbolaget Airec

Press Releases   •   Sep 29, 2017 08:44 CEST

Michael Bäärnhielm blir ny vd för teknikbolaget Airec i Malmö då grundaren Sven Persson går i pension. Sven Persson kvarstår som delägare och går även in som vice styrelseordförande och rådgivare till bolaget. Michael Bäärnhielm takes on the position as CEO of the high-tech company Airec in Malmö as the founder Sven Persson retires.


Pre-cooling for Compressor Dryers

News   •   Feb 02, 2018 10:46 CET

When producing compressed air, it is of utmost importance that the moisture is removed from the air. If not removed properly the moisture can cause problems with the use of pneumatic tools, cause corrosion, can freeze and damage the piping etc. Using a heat exchanger from Airec provides you with many benefits.


Corrosion in gaseous environments – part II

Blog posts   •   Dec 20, 2017 14:19 CET

In this second part, we describe Airecs experience of corrosion in Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers (BPHE) used for heat recovery from hot flue gases. As mentioned in the previous part, the types of corrosion found in such applications are limited.


Air compressors

Blog posts   •   Oct 06, 2017 10:48 CEST

Air compressors are used to compress air from atmospheric pressure to higher pressure levels. The purpose is to store energy in the air. Compressed air can be used as power source, driving other utilities and machines. The largest benefit doing this is that the other machines and utilities do not need to have their own motor.


Heat recovery from flue gases, hot process air or steam

News   •   Sep 08, 2017 08:45 CEST

Airec´s valued partner, Exodraft A/S, has for many years developed and marketed innovative solutions for heat recovery from flue gases and hot process air. The heat recovery unit recovers heat from hot gases into water by means of a highly efficient gas-to-water heat exchanger; the Cross 30 heat exchanger from Airec.


Corrosion in gaseous environments – part I

Blog posts   •   Sep 01, 2017 08:45 CEST

One of the causes of faulty heat exchangers is corrosion. Since nearly all literature on corrosion concerns liquid environments, has Airec spent quite some time and resources to understand and prevent corrosion in gaseous environments at temperatures below ca. 700 ⁰C.


Make the environment happy with Airec’s Cross 30 heat exchanger

News   •   Aug 23, 2017 08:36 CEST

​Most countries and industries makes their utmost to minimize the effect on the environment caused by their production. Almost every country must be below certain limits when it comes to emissions to air, water and surroundings. Using Airec´s Cross 30 can help you to reach the limit!


IPAC 2017

Blog posts   •   Jun 09, 2017 13:49 CEST

​Airec exhibited at IPAC 2017 in Copenhagen, Bella Center in May. It was a very interesting week with many fruitful discussions in the field of Cryogenics. Airec could present our highly efficient Helium re-liquefaction system that interested many visitors.


Successful Hannover Messe

Blog posts   •   May 17, 2017 09:46 CEST

Our participation at the Hannover messe really paid of! We were located in the center of hall 26, the ComVac hall were focus were on compressors, compressor accessories and components. We met with a lot of interested potential customers, met with old customers and visited new and potential customers in their stands for interesting discussions.



Blog posts   •   May 12, 2017 15:22 CEST

Cryogenics in itself is defined as the study of low-temperature phenomena e.g. how are the production and behaviour of materials affected by very low temperatures? Airec has been in cryogenic development projects for several years.

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