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Cool - Tokyo 4

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Cool - Tokyo 4

Tokyo Cool is a stand-alone side table that also can be combined with a small minibar refrigerator. The veneer that has been used for Tokyo Cool is made of walnut roots, and this specific veneer was originally produced as tabletops in the 1980s for our old manufacturer Möbelboning. The best walnut root is found in north America. It’s usually at the root of the tree that a so-called burr grows, but they can also appear higher up on the trunk, and they do not appear on every tree as these deformations are the result of stress to the tree. The beautifully patterned wood has been used for furniture at least since the 19th century, and also for the dashboards of many famous British car brands such as Jaguar, Rolls Royce and Bentley.
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ASPLUND - one of the most prominent Scandinavian design companies founded in 1990 by brothers Michael and Thomas Asplund. Starting as a gallery, the company have transitioned into a one of a kind design institution. Many customers have described what makes ASPLUND different to other Nordic companies and that is that the Collection shows its own essence of Swedish functional and minimalistic style with an International elegance and a little touch of playfulness. The company consists of ASPLUND Collection (furniture and carpets assigned the ASPLUND brand), The ASPLUND Store (a high-end design store, were you can find both pieces from ASPLUND Collection among with other prominent design brands), ASPLUND KÖK (kitchen assigned the ASPLUND brand), ASPLUND Studio and ASPLUND Contract, which offer customized interior solutions for all types of projects.

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