Versatility at the top of the world.

Pressmeddelanden   •   Okt 17, 2017 14:32 CEST

Nord Helikopter A/S is a hard working operator who covers the extreme north of Scandinavia, specializing in power lines and other heavy construction. Flight Operations Manager Øystein Skovro shares his views on alternating missions between the fjords and the open ocean, and why they prefer to fly in the AUK Protection G1 flightsuit.

High performance flight gear for arctic and alpine aircrews

Pressmeddelanden   •   Jul 31, 2017 10:20 CEST

The AUK Protection G1 flight suit and J2 base parka are high performance garments designed for aircrews operating in cold to extreme climates such as the alpine or arctic regions. They where developed with the active participation of aircrews in Greenland and northern Norway, and might very well be the most thoroughly designed flight gear available on the market.

Precision flying with the G1 flight suit

Pressmeddelanden   •   Jul 02, 2017 16:53 CEST

Storm Heliworks provides high quality solutions for the forestry, power and construction sectors. Their precision flying skills are in demand across all the Nordic countries, keeping the fleet of Airbus and Robinson helicopters in constant rotation. In this article, CEO Stefan Larsson shares some insight to their business and their review of the AUK Protection G1 Flight Suit.

Helicopter ambulance crew opts for Swedish flight suits

Pressmeddelanden   •   Mar 16, 2017 15:52 CET

Babcock Scandinavian AirAmbulance is one of Scandinavia's largest air ambulance companies, with 14 bases spread across Sweden and Finland. The Lycksele base recently upgraded with the AUK Protection G1, a new type of flight suit designed and developed by active aircrews. Lars-Göran Falk, pilot with 33 years of experience, gives his view of the new flight suit.

Ambulansflyg väljer svenska flygdräkter

Pressmeddelanden   •   Feb 28, 2017 11:29 CET

Ambulanshelikoptern vid Lycksele flygplats utför ca sjuhundra uppdrag årligen och betjänar Västerbotten med 15 minuters anspänningstid dygnet runt. Nyligen har basen uppgraderat sina flygdräkter till svenska AUK Protection G1, en ergonomisk dräkt utvecklad av svenska helikopterpiloter. Här berättar en av Sveriges mest meriterade piloter om sitt yrke.

Svenska flygdräkter en designframgång

Pressmeddelanden   •   Feb 20, 2017 12:03 CET

AUK Protection vill förbättra helikopterpiloters vardag genom användarcentrerad design och högteknologiska funktionsmaterial. Flygdräkterna G1 och G2 har väckt stor uppmärksamhet världen över och är idag standardutrustning hos såväl räddningstjänst som transportflyg. Nu blickar den jämtländska firman fram emot nästa steg i utvecklingen.

G1 flight suit in operations with northern aircrew

Pressmeddelanden   •   Feb 08, 2017 21:28 CET

A sneak peak into the daily grind at the Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance in Lycksele, Sweden. This aircrew recently chose to upgrade to the AUK Protection G1 flight suit, and this is our salute to them. Dedicating their lives to be there when it matters, often operating under extreme conditions, these people deserve all the credit they can get.

Shot and edited by Mats Lind //

AUK Protection is a pilot owned and operated initiative to further the standard of protective equipment for helicopter professionals. All products are developed in close collaboration with active aircrews, following a strict protocol of User Centered Design (UCD), premium hi-tech materials and scientific research. 

The Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance (BSAA) air ambulance in Lycksele, Sweden, recently chose to upgrade their pilot equipment with the AUK Protection G1. This is a short video salute to their work.

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Svenska flygdräkter uppskattas i Nya Kaledonien

Pressmeddelanden   •   Dec 08, 2016 11:48 CET

Pilotägda designföretaget AUK Protections affärsidé är att förbättra helikopterpiloters vardag genom användarcentrerad design. Flygdräkterna G1 och G2 gör succé bland civila helikopteroperatörer världen över, och senast ut är operatören Helicocean i Nya Kaledonien. Piloten Franklin Eck berättar om G1 och om hur det är att flyga i denna spännande utpost i södra stilla havet.

South Pacific aircrew opts for new flight suit design

Pressmeddelanden   •   Dec 08, 2016 11:15 CET

​Operating in the south pacific archipelago some 2000 km north east of New Zeeland, the Helicocean crew is the most far out aircrew yet to upgrade to the AUK Protection G1 – a fresh approach to flight suit design, developed by Scandinavian pilots.

Winter proof by AUK Protection

Pressmeddelanden   •   Mar 22, 2016 14:56 CET

Working in close vicinity to a spinning rotor in arctic conditions is a demanding situation faced daily by aircrews in northern climes. The gust produced by the rotor, hurling ice particles at up to 185 km/h in your face, often produces an effective temperature of well below -30°C. AUK Protection is now introducing a specialized garment line to increase security for arctic/alpine aircrews.

Om AUK Protection

Personal protective equipment developed by active aircrews

Back in 2010, a group of Swedish helicopter pilots decided they had had enough of the lack of quality and design in helmets, flight suits and other personal safety equipment intended for helicopter professionals. They started to collect data among their colleagues, and pretty soon there were a whole team of designers, high technology suppliers and medical researchers bent on solving the most critical issues. The mission statement was to create a global brand – by and for helicopter professionals – that can develop and deliver premium, hi-tech and user centered products to the global helicopter community. The company was formally founded in 2012, and after a two years of intense R&D the brand was ready to launch its first products.

The company is based an old button factory in the tiny village of Brattland, a few clicks from Åre in Jämtland, Sweden. However, our mission is a global one, as is our users. Thus product and brand development happens globally, while research is conducted by active helicopter pilots in close cooperation with designers and engineers. Medical and/or material research is conducted at the the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and at the Mid Sweden Univerisity (MIUN/Sportech). Actual production facilities are either in Sweden and/or within the EU.

Current products available for purchase:
The G1 Flight Suit – designed to reduce fatigue and support your movements both in and out of cockpit.
The G2 Winter Flight Suit – same characteristics as G1, but designed to offer full protection in arctic/alpine conditions
The J2 Base Parka – blizzard proof protection for when in close proximity of rotors in arctic/alpine conditions

Current development/R&D
The H1 Pilot/crew Helmet – the world's first ergonomic helicopter helmet developed by aircrews
The R1 Marine Safety Helmet – a modular helmet concept for rescue swimmers, coast guards etc.
The P1 Crew Pants – ultra durable work pants devised for pilots, crew and maintenance functions

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