Cask Sweden & Beerbliotek join forces

Press Releases   •   Nov 13, 2018 13:51 CET

As of this November 2018, we have decided to join forces with Cask Sweden and work together with them to distribute and sell our beer in Sweden.

​Cask Sweden och Beerbliotek inleder samarbete på den Svenska marknaden.

Press Releases   •   Nov 13, 2018 13:51 CET

Cask Sweden kommer delvis ta över försäljningen mot restaurangmarknaden och Systembolaget.

Sveriges högst rankade Session IPA är nu tillgänglig på över 100 Systembolaget butiker.

Press Releases   •   Mar 01, 2018 16:30 CET

Historien om A Moment of Clarity är ännu inte ett år gammalt. Vi släppte denna Session IPA som GBG Beer Weeks officiella öl för 2017 och dess framgång på marknaden förra året, både vad gäller export och på Systembolaget, gör att vi med stor stolthet kan meddela att den från och med den 1:a mars har kvalificerat sig till det fasta sortimentet i över 100 butiker i hela Sverige.

Sweden’s best rated Session IPA is now available at over 100 Systembolaget stores

Blog posts   •   Mar 01, 2018 08:36 CET

The story of A Moment of Clarity is not yet a year old. We released this Session IPA as the official GBG Beer Week beer for 2017. After its success in the market, on export and at the Swedish monopoly Systembolaget during 2017, we are incredibly proud to announce that it has now qualified into the standard assortment in over 100 stores throughout Sweden, as of the 1st of March.

Då var det mycket bryggning och förpackning, men äntligen får vi dricka dem ölen.

Blog posts   •   Dec 07, 2017 12:36 CET

De senaste två veckorna har bara handlat om bryggning och förpackning, men för en gång tar vi också tid att dricka alla dessa nya öl som vi har bryggt och förpackat. Kom och följ med oss ​​på alla evenemang som vi har över hela Skandinavien nästa vecka, om du inte stannar vid vårt bryggeri Tap Room i helgen.

The time has come for a small batch brewery to become a bigger small batch brewery.

Press Releases   •   Nov 12, 2014 20:45 CET

Beerbliotek is a small batch brewery in the cultural heart of Gothenburg. We strive to produce exciting, unfiltered and unpasteurised beers of the highest quality.

Demand for our beer has grown extensively since we started, and we feel it is the perfect time to grow and to expand in a way that will suit us, our philosophy and our customers.

It all started in the beginning of 2013

We opened our doors in February 2013 and launched our first beer, a Black Ale Chili in March of that year. Since then we have stayed true to our philosophy of brewing one­off batches of new and exciting beers. At the end of October 2014, we have brewed 94 individual beers, and have 3 beers at Systembolaget in the four closest local stores.

Meeting demand.

In February 2013 we installed our brewery with a capacity of 90 000 liters per year. By march 2014 it was apparent we were quickly outgrowing our brewery. So the decision was made to install 4 new fermenters, along with a new cooling system, to increase capacity to around 180 000 liters per year.

Over the last 4­5 months our sales in Sweden have increased steadily with the addition of an extra Systembolaget store, as well as more regular trips around Sweden. Our export market has also grown in the last year, with exports to Italy, Spain, Holland and Denmark, and we anticipate it growing even more next year.

Gothenburg, as our local market, has played a very large part in the growth of our brewery. It has a thriving beer scene with many great breweries, bars and restaurants offering an ever expanding selection of beers to engaged consumers with a thirst for hand crafted beer. Gothenburg will remain our core market and we will continue to release our newest creations here to our local customers, whilst increasing our profile throughout Sweden and international markets.

Expansion plans.

Our expansion consist of two parts. Firstly, we have added knowledge and passion within the company itself. Secondly, we are increasing the capacity at Beerbliotek to meet demand for our beer.

It is with a lot of excitement that Beerbliotek welcomes Niklas Gustafsson and Gary Mclachlan to the our team. Both Niklas and Gary bring a wealth of knowledge to our company, having worked in the beer industry for more than 15 years. They are well known in the Gothenburg beer scene as the owners of The Rover and Ölrepubliken. We look forward to working with them in order to make Beerbliotek even better. Niklas and Gary join Adam, Richard, Anders and Darryl as partners here at Beerbliotek.

“I’ve always had a good connection with the guys from Beerbliotek.” – Gary

“Beerbliotek’s always been an exciting company, and this gives me an additional way to working with beer.” – Niklas

The second part of the expansion is the addition of a new, higher capacity Brewing facility. An additional brewery. Call it a second brewery if you will. Our brewery down in Sockerbruket will remain as is. It will continue to produce one­off, small batches of different beer styles. This second larger brewery will allow us to meet the demand for our beer both locally and abroad.

The future. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Our philosophy has always been to produce many different beer styles. We enjoy experimenting and challenging ourselves to create better beer everyday day. As we grow, we will remain true to our philosophy of producing unfiltered and unpasteurised beers of the highest quality. Beers that we can stand behind with pride.

Over the coming months we will be keeping you informed with the progress of our expansion. We have lots of exciting news to share, so stay tuned!

Beerbliotek is a small batch brewery in the cultural heart of Gothenburg.

Demand for our beer has grown extensively since we started, and we feel it is the perfect time to grow and to expand in a way that will suit us, our philosophy and our customers.

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A Brave New World - Cellar Door Sales (Gårdsförsäljning)

Press Releases   •   Jul 07, 2014 13:56 CEST

It is time for the Swedish government to allow cellar door sales (gårdsförsäljning) in the same way it works in most of the wine and beer producing world. We have concerns about the new model for local product sales (lokalsortiment) that will be introduced by Systembolaget in September and the effect it will have on our overall business.

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About Beerbliotek

Beerbliotek is a Craft Brewery in the cultural heart of Gothenburg.

We’re a Craft Brewery in the cultural heart of Gothenburg. Our brewing philosophy is to build an ever expanding beer library. In 2017 we ended up brewing 28 new beers as well as brewing our 200th beer overall. The idea is to create a beer library (‘bibliotek’ is Swedish for library – hence the name). We try to be a little bit more like a home brewer, which also means we get to dig into our beer archives from time to time and revisit recipes we remember fondly.


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