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Bemannia Football Clubs defends the gold and will try to once again to scoop the victory

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 05, 2013 09:15 CEST

For the second year in a row Bemannia Football Club is playing the unofficial championship and the company Bemannia is continuing to support the team. Last year the team stood as the final winner in the competition.

Besides the usual football and futsal, Beach soccer is the third arm of FIFA (football´s world organization) football family. There are international rules and guidelines for the game and it is also possible to play the international championships in beach soccer.

Beach Soccer is a new game in Sweden and still under construction. During 2011 a development team was formed for the Beach Soccer in Sweden and in December 2012 the statutes of the beach soccer were implemented in SvFF (Swedish Football association). For the second year in a row there will be an unofficial Championship in Beach Soccer. The group stages will be played at six different places during June and July and ends with a final in Vetlanda the 20-21th July 2013. Beach soccer is played in a sand court; the time of a game is 2 times 8 minutes and each team play with four field players and one goalkeeper.

Martin Bruzelius, Bemannia Football Clubs Captain says:
-“It all started with a advertise my friend Erik saw about the beach-hall called The Beach in Södertälje, They wanted more people to come and play. Erik my friend (team player) informed us and we created a team and started to play. After a few times playing we wanted to participate in a tournament that was organized in the The Beach -hall.  The tournament went very well so we continued to play and participated in a tournament called Nordic Light Bach Soccer (NLBS) in Skellefteå and it all went great!

The following year we decided to once again play a tournament in Skellefteå but this time to qualify for the Swedish Championship. In the end we, my team and I stood as the winner! After this victory we all travelled to Åhus to participate in the first organized Swedish Championship in Beach Soccer. Our team represented Skellefteå and we stood once again as the final winner.

Because of this victory Bemannia Football Club was formed and our team is now a member of the Swedish Football Association. This year (2013) we going to play a tournament in Åhus and then once again try to qualify for this year’s Swedish Championship. Bemannia Football Clubs ambition is to once again scoop the victory and retain the gold. The Swedish Championships final will be located in Vetlanda the 20-21th of July.

-  We wish our team the best and good luck during this year’s games and we do hope they will get the title as the Swedish Champions once again, says Staffan Bruzelius CEO at Bemannia.


For futher information, please contact, Staffan Bruzelius,
Telefon: 08-845 300 eller 0771-84 53 00
Twitter: @bemannia

Bemannia is a public and Swedish owned manning and recruitment company that supplies competent and qualified staff by rental, recruitment and staff contracts within Organization & Leadership, PR & Information, Market & Sales, Finance, Law, HR & Staff, Real Estate & Technique, IT & Data as well as Office & Administration. Since earlier, Bemannia has a frame agreement with 34 municipalities and some 100 administrations, companies and authorities all over Sweden. Bemannia is a member of Bemanningsföretagen and is an authorized manning company with collective agreement with Unionen and Akademikerna. Bemannia is quality assured according to the Quality management system ISO 9001:2008, Environment management system 14001:2004 and Work environment certified according to OHSAS 18001:2007. The company management has been active for more than 35 years.

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