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Entrepreneur Darko Pervan consolidates flooring group under new brand name Bjelin

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 09, 2017 09:19 CET

The Pervan family’s Swedish company Pervanovo Invest AB with brands such as Välinge Innovation and Bjoorn Flooring, consolidates its flooring operations under a new business area – Bjelin. Pervanovo’s remaining holdings can be found within business areas Pervanovo Properties and Pervanovo Hotels. All sales of flooring manufactured in Sweden and Croatia is organized under the brand Bjelin. Research and Development operates under subsidiary Välinge Innovation AB, the company that invented click flooring. The Pervanovo Group turnover currently runs at SEK 1,2 billion with an operating profit of SEK 600 million.

Increased production capacity in the new constellation is substantial, even in an international context which gives Bjelin a strong presence in the global wood flooring market.

The flooring is produced in production facilities in Sweden and Croatia. A new high tech flooring plant is under construction in Viken, province of Skåne. The addition of the new Swedish factory together with newly acquired production facilities in Croatia increases Bjelin’s capacity to produce innovative flooring based on technology from Välinge. It is estimated that in 2018, Bjelin’s total production capacity will reach 7 million square meters on an annual basis. In the coming five years, SEK 2,5 billion will be invested in order to reach a capacity of 20 million square meters annually, thereby making Bjelin one of Europe’s leading flooring manufacturers.

– With the newly formed business area and a uniform brand, we and our new flooring products becomes much more distinct to our customers and partners, making our marketing efforts more effective, says Pervanovo’s founder and CEO Darko Pervan.

Välinge is a world leader in flooring technology, holding 1 500 patents, for example protecting click floor technology for flooring and furniture which is licensed to 200 companies around the world. Hardened wood is a new technology which has been developed by Välinge and is now being launched in large scale under the brand name Bjelin. The hardened wood surface is both aesthetically pleasing, durable and is a great product for both the home and public spaces.

For press images and more information please visit or contact:

Carl Wachtmeister, Head of Communucations at Välinge Innovation. 

E-mail: cell +46 070 590 14 12

Jenny Öijermark, Press Contact, 

E-mail: Cell: +46 70-734 08 04

About Bjelin

The newly established business area includes Bjelin Sweden AB, (formerly Bjoorn Flooring), production facilities in Viken, Sweden as well as in Bjelovar and Ogulin in Croatia and Välinge Innovation AB.The founders of Bjelin invented click flooring in the mid-nineties and while employed by chemical giant Perstorp developed the world’s first laminate flooring in 1997.Today Bjelin employs 600 people and is expanding its production capacity in Viken in order to meet increased demand of wide board hardened oak. The raw material comes from the famous oak woods in Slavonia, Croatia.

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