5 steps to turn website visitors into leads

Blogginlägg   •   Okt 08, 2012 15:54 CEST

Every visitor leaves a trail. Some visitor leaves a good trail, some are impossible to track. To follow leads that are trackable - MrTrack is the solution for you!

1. Identify leads in MrTrack
MrTrack focuses on identifiable leads. Leads that are coming from an Internet address that belongs to an organization. Internet Service Providers such as Bell, Verizon etc. are interesting from other perspectives but not from a lead-generating perspective.

You will find this information after 1: Creating your account with MrTrack.org, 2: Installing the script at the website you’d like to track and 3. Logging into your account at MrTrack.Org, and clicking forward to the organization view.

2. Make sure your website has something to offer!
It might seem so obvious, but in reality you sometimes tend to forget that if the visitor didn’t see anything interesting, it doesn’t matter if you know who they are. The person who once clicked through your website and wasn’t really intrigued, they will probably not be any more intrigued just because you try to contact them through email or phone.

So after installing MrTrack, make sure that your website has some definitive value before you try to generate leads. And remember, it´s okey to take it step by step even in this case.

3. Connect with your website visitors
After establishing the fact that your website is good in terms of relevant content and has MrTrack installed, its time to test methods in order to establish good connections with your visitors.

The best situation is of course when your website is so unique & relevant that visitors contact you after seeing it. This can occur because your product or service might be of a very high value to the visitor. In most cases your offering is similar or quite similar to others, and that makes it very important for you to create methods that identify your web site's visitor.

Leadsius, the company behind MrTrack.Org, suggests that you create a value proposition to visitors in order for them to leave their contact details. If you for example have a great white paper; ask the visitor for their contact details before they can download the white paper.

If the person doesn’t leave any contact details its your job to track down the contact details. This can sometimes be done through catalogue services, and sometimes you contact the company and find out who is working with the offerings your web site focuses on.

4. Once a connection is established, nurture it!
This might be the most important tip that we from Leadsius can give you; Nurture your leads!

After all the hard work of establishing a connection with a person, make sure you don’t forget him or her. Send them valuable content, try to track their behaviour on your website so you can automatically send them offers at a time that is convenient for them.

Nurturing leads is the key to sales. Established connections that are comfortable with your company are the ones that will create a sustainable cash flow for your business. Remember, being relevant to your audience is the best way to stay top of mind with your market.

5. Once a Lead is established, give it to sales!
As soon as you’re sure that you’ve got a Lead, its time to give it to your sales department. Make sure your sales person have all the relevant information about how you acquired the Lead and how the Lead acted during the Lead acquisition period. One thing that is extremely important is to have decided with sales what a qualified lead is, how many visits, downloads or other interaction is the criteria for being a qualified lead that sales should act on. 

Sales people will love you for generating highly qualified Leads. MrTrack.Org is a great starting point for getting more and more of great Leads to your organization. And best of all - its completely free of charge.