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Blogginlägg   •   Aug 22, 2012 13:37 CEST

It is not easy to stay away from something that you feel a strong affection to, something which feels like a family and something which you are longing back to more or less every day. That´s why I find myself in Cape Town and at Project Playground again! Although it is only for a short visit this time I thought it was better than no visit at all.

It is been five months since I was last here but during the first incredibly delightful minutes at the center it feels as if it was yesterday. Same faces, same friendliness, same warmth. And it felt like coming home. This confirms, like many times before, that when there is a solid and hearty bond between people time and geography have no negative impact on the connection you feel towards each other. That was an wonderful insight!

After the first minutes I do realized I had been away for a while. Play on Wheels have made a tremendous progress in many various aspects. First of all, two new adorable participants have joined the division. And they seem to enjoy it to the fullest and constantly have a smile on their face.

Thanks to the very skilled and engaged occupational therapist who was employed by the time I left the participants have made a tremendous progress from a therapeutic and developmental viewpoint. The room is now filled with toys and other equipment, acquired to help the participants to develop both mentally and physically. One of them who couldn´t walk without assistance is now walking quite a distance independently. Another one who had a problem using her hand is now using it without even reflecting that it was an effort before. The same girl can now also create complete sentences as opposed to the random words she earlier used to express herself verbally. These are only a few examples of the fantastic progress that they have done during these past months.

The improvement in terms of structure and organization is also notable. With time the daily routines have now settled, which seem to have had a positive effect on the staff. They now radiate a calmness and confidence that didn´t exist to the same extent in the beginning. Which is perfectly understandable. And with a stronger confidence, improved knowledge and skills and a continuous remarkable team spirit they seems to be, if possible, even more passionate about their job.

The only extremely sad news is that one of the participants has a severe health condition. Thanks to generous funding she will be admitted to a center for disabled later this week which will be her new home for the coming month. Great news in this time of terrible anxiety. We can only make a prayer to whatever we believe in that it will help her to will stay with us for some time more.

Apart from this concern, I am sooooooo happy to be back and the warm welcome I received almost made me teary eyed – out of joy! This is really turning in to feel like a second home to me.

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