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American government denies all the world sovereignty

Blogginlägg   •   Nov 06, 2010 22:30 CET

Open letter to all political leaders all over the world.

USA, the country that think they own the world and can do as they like, has been discoverd in a spy affair in Scandinavia. Norway, Denmark and Sveden has been the target of spying for terror activity by a group that call themself SDU. This group has been spying on demnstrations in the capital cities without the knowledge of the government in the countrys they have been active in.

For me I believe that this is not a single happening here in Scandinavia, I believe that this is happening all over the world.
So people of the world, be ware of the threat from USA they are not accepting your Sovereignty as a nation. USA does as they want.
It is time to make USA to understand that they are not allowed to do like this to other countries than their own. They have no business here in our countries.

Be ware!