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Americans go searching on bottom of Croatia's sea bed

Blogginlägg   •   Aug 09, 2012 14:53 CEST

Croatian Times

Over the last ten days, researchers from American archaeological research organisation RPM Nautical Foundation, in collaboration with colleagues from the Croatian Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar, have been researching the seabed near Dubrovnik on Croatia's southern Adriatic coast, reports RTL.

The 3.5 million US dollar worth vessel "Hercules" was placed at the position of a possible shipwreck. "We can hold a position so that the ROV (underwater research robot) can dive down and check the target comfortably and without haste, and without the danger that the ship will be moved by the sea currents," said Edwin Vella, the captain of Hercules.

ROV is equipped with two control arms, cameras, and a sonar to locate targets, such as shipwrecks or other valuable sites. Traveling from Prevlaka to Cavtat, Hercules sonar revealed a dozen possible wreck sites.

"The first wooden ship could date back to the 17th century, while we suspect that the second one dates back to the Napoleonic wars, because there was a great battle here in 1806," said Luka Bekic from the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar.

The last day of research was also very successfull, ROV's cameras showed the two sunken amphibious ships.