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Anställer du säljare som inte vill sälja?

Blog post   •   Dec 10, 2013 14:31 CET

Do you employ salespeople who don´t want to sell?

Every good idea needs a good pitch in order to become a successful idea. A fantastic concept can never evolve into a product unless your customers believe that it is the right solution; and that is why sales people are an important gear in your company. Recruiting the right sales person will reflect directly on your company’s performance, both in terms of short term sales performance as well as in establishing relationships with clients.

Spotting the right candidate
The process should start with immediately hiring the right sales person, rather than hiring and testing sales capability in due course. Recruiting the wrong person is a costly exercise which involves advertising, recruiting, training and administration costs, which is a wasted expense should you hire the wrong person. What sales persons often don’t consider is the opportunity cost of hiring the wrong sales person, since a failed attempt of a sale can be considered as lost business. This results in missed opportunities in sale activities, creating a negative first impression. 

There are pointers to look out for when hiring a new sales person which can determine their proficiency and approach to sales. One good opportunity is comparing technical skills and behavioural capabilities, identifying the right balance and making the right choice. A good sales person tends to score high in behavioural traits, creating that positive approach and attitude with prospects and increasing the opportunity of a successful sale. 

Finding the solution

The beauty of selection is that there are tools which can help you recruit the right sales person. Tools such as Sales Preference Questionnaire (SPQ Gold) and Selling Style Profile Analysis can identify the traits of an individual and forecast how effective their sales technique is. SPQ Gold can identify alltwelve types of sales call reluctance, allow you to focus on the weaknesses of an individual and overcome weaknesses through coaching. You can identify why a person is telephobic or has stage fright, giving you the opportunity to tackle these problems and develop an individual into a successful sales person. 

A different approach would be that of SSPA in which you can identify the sales orientation of an individual, allowing you to create focus and help develop the best sales approach per individual. Such methods of identifying the right sales people are backed with psychological research which taps into behaviour analysis and the reason for an individuals’ action.


There are a number of reasons why we recommend such techniques, amongst which is the fact that companies nowadays cannot afford to hire the wrong sales people. In a turbulent economy one action can create a company lag which can really impact the strength and position in the market. It is important for sales managers to use proven tools to select the right candidate for the right job and making sure that the best return on investment is achieved.

Author: Christer B Jansson