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Broader innovation through external networks

Blogginlägg   •   Jan 04, 2010 16:32 CET

Trends of transparency and the movement towards a connected community world

Not long ago many companies tried to ensure competitive advantage by focusing on building a large internal R&D team with a significant share of the total budget. The in-house scientists and engineers conducted all aspects of developing new products from research to strategy. At most, the internal R&D would stretch out and assign a couple of specialist teams to work on the development of new solutions.

Organisationally this was efficient, since only one person could direct the entire effort of a new value proposition. However, a key limitation was that a lot of "me-too" products made its way to market, since the organisation generally didn’t have the most qualified people in all disciplines to source the right specialists to create the right solutions for the market.

Today a network evolution is taking place, where each project includes a broad group of people from different networks. Every project is different and the objective and character of the project will determine the team and which networks to tap into. It is a never ending activity where the specialists are hand picked from external networks to work side by side to solve large corporations, cities and even countries quests to create sustainable growth.

This process Globe Forum is facilitating by finding (scouting) the right innovators and connecting them to our broad audience.  Globe Forum's partner companies has the freedom to pick which innovator is most suitable to work on different projects, while at the same time ensuring that the solutions gets accumulated  to our knowledge based database yielded by our global network.