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Cavtat - Šipun Cave as a new tourist attraction

Blogginlägg   •   Aug 08, 2012 11:16 CEST

A 350 thousand kuna worth renovation of the protected Šipun Cave in Cavtat has began, for tourist valorization of a protected natural site. The speleological site is being renovated within the project "Nature for the Future" which is financed from the EU's program of Croatian and Montenegrin cross-border collaboration.

Cavtat’s Šipun Cave, in the northeastern part of the peninsula Rat in Cavtat, has been protected as a geomorphologic natural monument since 1963. With biospeleology research, which has lasted, with interruptions, since the late 19th century until today, a significant type of cave fauna has been established. In it, more than 60 organisms are described, which is the largest number of described species in a cave in Croatia. Šipun is known for its spacious indoor cave and great hall with icicle clusters, the most attractive of which bears the name of St. Vlaho.

The cross-border project "Nature for the Future" also includes renovation of the tourist lookout point on the island of Lastovo. The next step is the cross-border study about the biodiversity of caves, the establishment of the herpetology centre for water turtles in Majkovi and themed biodiversity trails on Baćin Lakes.

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