Characters, songs and costumes

Blogginlägg   •   Feb 19, 2013 13:48 CET

In this project we have so far tried different approaches to character. During our stay in Philly this fall we had a couple of sessions with Quinn Bauriedel, one of the artistic leaders at Pig Iron. We worked with situations like conveyer belt, trying to make the animals we developed with Manu cooperate. I feel this is a bit of an unknown continent for Sláva, almost normal theatre improv. We are so used to taking it all from the group, the voice and the movement. But all of the actors in this project are very much up for some torture, especially by a super sweet person like Quinn. We also got to really enjoy ourselves with voice driven improw, always twining, measuring and cutting.

Last Friday we have started over with the notion of weight, and different ages. Also Micke had decided to really go deep into the songs, and let them form the score of the piece. We are now trying to make bold choices that we can change, researching how alike or different we would like the three Nornas to be. So still early in this process, we are in love with a few songs and a bit resistant to some, in the end they can be the best, to get there we are wrestling with them, pulling and poking them. One way is singing in different ways of staccatto at the same time! In the basement the costumes are forming, they got some personalities out of the dye as well.

Listen: Onedinimamo