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Château Shandong anyone?

Blogginlägg   •   Feb 02, 2011 12:43 CET

As the Daily Mail reports, by 2014, China will be producing more wine than Australia, if the growth rate continues as up to now. Today, about 600 Chinese wineries still produce mostly cheap, low quality wines. But the Shandong area is believed to be developing into somewhat of a center for good quality wines. Let’s keep our eyes and ears open (as well as nose and palate)…

The number of Chinese wineries is growing fast, international investments and joint ventures will increase just like in non-wine industries, too. The Chinese people are patriotic and will prefer local products over foreign. So with time, we might have the Bordeaux wines to ourselves again, and at lower prices (who knows?). How long before we ‘over here’ will be seeing Chinese wines as a regular part of the menues at our favorite restaurants? What do you say?

More information about wine in China: