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Chim chiminey! Chim chiminey! Chim chim cher-ee! A sweep is as lucky As lucky can be!

Blogginlägg   •   Mar 01, 2012 11:14 CET

Mary Poppins once said "We can't have them gallivanting up there like kangaroos, can we?"

She was right then and she is still right. We can't have uncertified people running around on roofs.

Some time ago we were contacted by SSR Godkänd (Swedish Chimney sweepers) who wanted a backwall for them to use at trade fairs and on raodshows. They wanted to be able to use it together two TV's but also they wanted the option to use it without the TV's.

The solution was Maxibit Network together with Frost shelving system and changable graphics. The All-in-one box which carries the whole system makes it the perfect partner for the roadshow.

Use it, show it and then reuse it over and over agian. Maxibit Network - A range of possibilities


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