Companies cannot build brands – only people can

Blogginlägg   •   Feb 18, 2013 10:49 CET

The full article from @markwschaefer you can read here!  What Mark point out is that marketing as we know it from the past were we build strategies and build plans for how things is going to be done is dead as a rock. The reason is, at least in the tech business is that the product development cycle becomes so short that marketing becomes obsolete? Is that what´s going on? 

Yes, that´s what has happened, but it´s not the only thing that has happened with “old school” marketing – the biggest change is that companies no longer can build brands – people are the only ones who can! And that´s a huge change for a lot of of people working in the industry of marketing and communication.

As I see it – marketing as we know it is gone and it´s never coming back. The good thing with that is;

  • Say goodbye to meaningless hours creating a “plan”
  • Get rid of your long hour bull-shit “strategy meeting”
  • You don´t need expensive consultants that wants to build your brand
The bad thing is that;
  • If your product or service is not good enough, you can no longer “hide it” with good marketing
  • If you´re in love with your brand agency, this could be a bad breakup
  • You´ll have to realize that communication is all about conversation
Planning, strategies and tactics must take place at the same time, in real time

 So now what!? This is the way you are gonna work in the future; realize that planning, strategies and tactics must take place at the same time, in real time. The key to success is to build your strategies, your brand at the same time as you´re launching your product. That means that your job as a marketer now is all about taking action when it happens and remember to build the very best products and services there is out there, cause if you don´t, no one is gonna save you. Not even the best “brand builders” in the world can save you then.

Apple? I guess some of you are thinking, how come they have such a magical brand and position? My answer is outstanding products, not the best – just the most outstanding products. Add millions of brand builders (or users, or costumers if you want…) and the picture is clear. Great products and “real-time” branding from your own community is the best there is! By the way, I am planning for a mayor shift from PC to Mac just because of that.