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Conservatives frenzy of cheating Sweeds

Blogginlägg   •   Okt 30, 2010 12:06 CEST

Conservatives have since 2006 had outlined that all Swedes are criminals and have made use of welfare. The Alliance as they call themselves is just a cover to implement its policies and ideology. It is no secret that the Conservatives have always been opposed to welfare and they have always been opposed to universal suffrage. They have always been opposed to a worker would be involved and decide on a company. They have been receiving free school and they are definitely opposed to non-bourgeois youth will get to go to university.

Now they got the chance to steer Sweden through lies, so that they would be a new workers' party. Workers' Party who want 25% unemployment and workers who will work for slave wages. You do not have unions and they want the salaries to be lowered. Conservatives have always been for the 12-hour day and work even on Saturday. Thus, six day work week, it is against the holiday and it is against health insurance and pensions. UIF voted against when it was introduced.

So folks you've been on a blow which look quite respectable. And then you went on it again, but what are you going with? Is the wallet? Where are you in for a huge shock, and it comes when the government will cut your salaries on a par with China's wages. Only then, Sweden is competitive as Moderates. And if you thought that prices will decline because of this then you are wrong. We workers need to be 4 people per family who works to meet us. And you can forget that there will be any help for our elderly. Forget what you may have your elders at home as on the sidelines again as the luxuries that it means to get hold of an old people will only be for citizens. Those who can afford to pay for such services.

You should know that among Conservatives is no sympathy at all for those who do not earn at least 500,000 a year. Then we are just scum and I promise you that their dogs are worth more than workers. We have seen how they have arranged so that it is permissible to have a maid again in Sweden, ensuring that people who are sick should work for free for them. In order to receive funding from social services as required consideration, and that gets rid of everything of value.

Insurance throw people out on a conveyor belt and we have heard testimony that the managers hand out bonuses to the officers who refused. We have also seen taking away people's SGI for no reason so that they can not even apply for sickness benefit. (I am one of them) and we have seen that the terminally ill to go out and seek employment. Not to mention the mentally ill who are not even classified as a disease at all. All these people thrown inexorably into the social services or merchandise, and as the person gets there and have a full working life behind them and have acquired a life of residents and family, etc. are forced to do away with everything it takes to live in the capital to get into the sale of this. And when the capital is over so you can perhaps get assistance from Soc.

In other words, those people who are seriously ill will therefore have to sell that they own and have and also having to worry about where they will live in the future because there are no homes to rent to them. In addition, all the memories they have acquired and it has worked, and worn for a good standard, that standard should be torn up and taken away from them in the final stages of life, it's absolutely ridiculous. People with mental disorders are also at risk because they have a mental disorder which may worsen already so they commit suicide, these are not considered sick at all by either FK or the government. But would a person with these diseases come to an employer who requires health certificates (the bay almost all do today, who is also the police certificate, and extracts from UC), will he not get a job. We are rejected by the employer.

My illness means I have a hard time keeping the money and I'm not responsible enough to pay bills on time which is down to my credit defaults. This is me to load when I search for housing and job searches. But do not get the system. You just run on with this insanely inhuman thirst for profit.

We need to make a change, we must change the attitude of people.
And we need to nip these dragons called capitalism and consumption.