Cotton Yarn

Blogginlägg   •   Jan 03, 2017 14:26 CET

Cotton yarn

NOW-choice = make a good choice now for today’s life and for our future! What is good – it is organic cotton yarn!

Production of cottonfiber demands a huge amount of water although production is mostly in areas of tropic or sub tropic climate where the supply of sweetwater is low. Or to put it bluntly: They water the fields with drinking water.

On top of that WWF states that nearly one quarter of all pesticides used in fiberproduction is used in producing cottonfiber. Those chemical goodies then sink down into the soil, further down to groundwater level.

To put it bluntly: People – elder people, grown ups, children, grandchildren - that works on or live nearby the cottonfields/ cotton productionplants gets sick. Very Sick. And to top it off - in the chase of profit the working conditions are bad, really bad - down to the level where children work.

To put it bluntly: Nobody would be allowed to do it here. In Sweden - maybe not in your country either.

Or the question to ask yourself - would you like to live and work on the soil were your cotton t-shirt is made? With your children.

But we can easily buy all that bad stuff that hasten acidification and pollutes our environment by entering any store. Bit odd that by simply buying things we need (and some stuff we don’t need) like clothes, food and more, we contribute everyday – normally in democratic countries – to non-democratic processes in other poorer countries.

It feels hopless?

Stopp thinking too much about it, just start out small, buy something eco friendly today. If you are not a knitter buy anything else that is produced in an eco friendly way, like a carrot or two. Just to change the habit, day by day.

Some help please

It is difficult for a small online yarnstore in Gothenburg Sweden like Hippstick.se - or any small store - to carry the whole burden of trying to convince buyers of the neccessity to start caring and to start buying intelligently. Buy organic and fair trade as far as it is possible.

So it would be truly helpful to get some assistance in making people understand why to dig slightly deeper into the purse to buy for instance organic cotton.

Hippstick.se sell both organic cotton yarn and non-organic simply because it is not only difficult to find good organic yarns it is fairly difficult to find buyers. 

Some eco yarn however is really good, soft and shiny and with a very nice stitchdefinition. Hippstick has a organic cotton yarn that is smooth, soft and machine washable and comes in many, many colors. It is Organic Cotton from the Danish company Onion.The yarn is spun in Italy which presumably together with the organic cotton fiber also equals good working conditions. The organic cotton is also used in yarnblends like Organic Cotton + Merino Wool or Fine Organic Cotton + Merino Wool.

And it is not a fortune extra to pay - like a dollar more per skein - it is affordable for most people!

Don’t forget that export of cottonfiber is a very important income for many poor countries. Can we pay for what they should produce, with the right working conditions and with less pollution on that particalur spot of our moder earth that they live on – which in the long run effect us too (or maybe it is effecting us right now....) – it would be really good!

What else to do? Why not begin asking, everytime you enter a store to buy a cotton shirt, t-shirt or anything in cotton:

” Do you have this in organic cotton?”

It will make a difference. More and more will ask and more and more will buy organic.Organic Cotton