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Đakovo - The far east meets Đakovo`s Lipizzaner horses

Blogginlägg   •   Jul 23, 2012 11:32 CEST

The Japanese cameramen arrived to Đakovo by train, while the others were surprised by the information that in 1972, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip and Princess Anne were welcomed with a four-Lipizzaner-horse-carriage at the modest Đakovo railway station. Queen Elizabeth insisted on visiting the Đakovo horse farm, since she was delighted with their performance at the opening of the Olympic Games.

The farm in Đakovo was founded way back in 1506, which puts it among the oldest stud farms in Europe. In those days, only Arabian horses were bred and from the beginning of the 18th century the Lipizzaner horses started being bred as well. Today, two locations are used for breeding and selection of horses- the ‘Stallion’, located in the center of Djakovo, and ‘Ivandvor’, near the city. Situated at the first location are stallions that are trained for equestrian sports, therapeutic riding, pulling two and four horse carriages and a riding school, while situated at Ivandvor is the original mare herd with their offspring brought up there until they are three years old, when the colts go for training to the `Stallion`, the most contemporary closed riding location in Croatia.

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