​Dare to see the positive in migration.

Blog post   •   Jan 08, 2016 01:01 CET

Dare to see the positive in migration.

Perhaps it is wise to see the possibilities served that are being served to us? “Is the glass half full or half empty” is a phrase that comes to mind. If one doesn’t have a hard time thinking, it will stand fairly clear to most people that whining won’t solve any problems. If you start thinking in new ways and try to find new solutions, then maybe one can add to a very urgent and troublesome situation that instead turns into a good investment.
Without putting any value on all the political discussions or take a stand to all decisions about the migration. Weather it’s about war-refuges or other forms of immigration we find ourselves here and now in a situation with many new possibilities:
• A new workforce that can stabilise our pension system
• Many new consumers that drives forward growth
• A Part fully well educated workforce that wants and needs to be integrated fast so that society can handle the pressure.
• A great opportunity for export over time thus many will return to their homelands when an opportunity arises
• Many new business areas that will satisfy new influences and with the production of new service's

Businesses, do you see the potential to PR and goodwill that have been served before us? Show your duty towards society and make it a lucrative deal! Many companies have already made a diction that will pay off several times over. Not to mention the support and beneficial employment contracts that are offered. All free for us.
Claes Norinder- Innovastart