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De Loberge erbjuder färska måltider i Torus Pak tråget

Blogginlägg   •   Maj 28, 2014 12:30 CEST

- People come here to buy good and fresh food so they do not have to cook at home. Or they have a dinner party where they want to offer their guests high quality meals. With the Torus Pak® they can eat of the plate in the way I designed the meals, says
 ”Jerdy the Chef” who is in charge of the variety of appetizing meals in the counter as he passionately talks about his food and how the Torus Pak® system generates important cost savings.

- Every day I make a range of meals, mostly traditional Belgian dishes. The tray allows for the perfect portion control which keeps costs down. I recommend using Torus Pak® to other chefs, Jerdy continues.
The Torus Pak® packaged fish dishes are the most popular in the range. After a good day in the kitchen, Jerdy himself prefers a good lamb.
- The business is going good and we constantly make seasonal changes to our menu and Torus Pak® range. I am especially proud of De Loberge because after 13 years people still come here every day to take fresh food with them home. With Torus Pak® we can add something special to the experience, Jerdy concludes.

De Loberge Group is constituted by a culinary shop and catering offer. It all started with a Culinary Boutique at the Wijnegem Shopping Center. The growing demand resulted in an independent catering department within the group. De Loberge Group caters to anyone who appreciates Quality& Service.
For more information contact:
 Jerdy Van Aaken  or
Karoline Goldberg