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Dear Guest, welcome back!

Blogginlägg   •   Mar 18, 2020 23:42 CET

Travel. Yes, the one guilty of polluting, the expensive one, the unnecessary one, the upmarket good that you can live without. But can you? Well, for the moment you have no choice. Many of you have trips booked for this spring. Trips that you looked forward to: 

  • to see 80 years old grandma who baked your favourite cherry pie
  • to visit that ancient temple you saw so many documentaries about
  • to watch that football game you wanted to cheer on for your team
  • to meet those colleagues at the newly started office 
  • to enjoy that romantic castle weekend with your better half
  • to get that reumatism cure at the renowned thermal resort
  • to see your highschool friend
  • to go to that magnificent opera
  • to cruise on that peaceful river with a musical name

But now you can't. You can't fly, you can't sleep in a hotel, you can't eat in a restaurant, you can't take a guided tour, you can't visit a museum. All you can do is wait for this to stop. Or actually to start. Because it will re-start, much stronger. Hit, but powerful, the travel industry will get back. With your help. It won't be easy. And after that, there will still be questions about how to reduce the pollution factor, how to press prices, how to offer the best service. But boy will it be great to be able to move around and do all these "unnecessary" soul-, mind-, culture-, knowledge-enriching travels freely again.

Then don't cancel that trip now. Modify the date. Wait a little. It's not exactly that money that will save you from any crisis. Or do you need it for more toilet paper? Sorry, I had to :) I know you didn't hoard on toilet paper, but thought is was funny - sorry, old tour guide humour.

There are many thousands of people suffering of milder or more severe symptoms of this unearthly sickness whose name I won't even mention. That is truly heartbreaking and I wish it stopped right now. And there are many thousands of people missing their parents, sisters, husbands, children, not being able to travel to see them now in these terrible times. Nobody knows when it will be like before. When we won't need to worry about traveling anymore. We all hope it will be really soon. 

And then we all hope that the cozy hotel we booked, the hype restaurant we planned our date at, the reliable travel agency we bought our cruise with, the airline that had a direct flight to exactly our destination, will still be in place. It is hard for all industries, but the travel industry got struck first economically and the damage will be enormously difficult to repair without your support as a guest. 

Dear Guest, please don't cancel! Change the date. And then if it will last longer than we thought, change the date again. We're not going anywhere. We are all in this now, let us support each other. Welcome back, dear Traveler!

From a fellow traveler who also happens to be a travel agency owner, a tour guide, a conference coordinator and a cruise director.

Sincerely, Gloria Andersson from Experience Transylvania