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Our customer has an innovation in the field of performing effective business development work. They are experts on improving the productivity of knowledge workers. With their platform they can capture and visualize structured and unstructured data and transform it into decision support.

They offer their customers the abilities to:

  • structure, simulate and test how to be more cost efficient in new radical ways
  • structure, simulate and test where the real new opportunities lies ahead for their organization
  • use the results as blueprints to carry on to successful and precise change in technology, processes and organization in order to unleash the effectiveness of knowledge workers.

Leading projects to new innovative ways

We are currently looking for DevOps Engineers with PM Application service skills who are interested in new ways of working, delivering more tangible results to customers and utilizing new technology. You are a person who wants to join and be a part of building an emerging company where you can make a difference, and someone who can play a major role in developing and growing the business in a fun and profitable way.

This position is characterized with a great amount of autonomy to utilize and develop the work content within areas of development and support. The assignments vary from building solutions such as test and deployment of our software, routines for helpdesk, lead projects within software delivery and to be handling the internal IT infrastructure from a client perspective. The job description is wide and so are the possibilities for you in this role.

Desired skills and expertise

You are a communicative and self-motivated person that just does it. Above that you are always curious to learn more about unknown areas and tools that can develop you and the business. To give up is just not an option, you are driven by challenges and are persistent to succeed with assignments you take upon yourself.

We believe you started with software development or testing after your University studies. Then you got interested in automatization testing and have some experience in for example PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby and have worked with tools and best practices within automatization and configuration management such as Puppet, Bamboo, Maven, Jelastic or similar.

We see that you have experience in:

  • Code and script languages e.g. (PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby)
  • Automatization/configurations management such as Puppet, Bamboo, Jelastic
  • General Project management
  • Knowledge of best practices and IT operations in an always-up, always-available service
  • Ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and cloud services

It is a plus if you have experience in:

  • Java development
  • SQL, SQL server
  • Windows server administration and IT infrastructure and Cloud solutions

Extent: Fulltime

Last day of application: 30 june 2016

Location: Malmö

Apply for the position by clicking on the ”SÖK JOBBET” button on the right hand side of this page. For more information please contact recruiter Darek Jensen at darek@talentme.se 0706-48 22 25